French Bulldogs dogs breed info, pictures, price & fact

The French Bulldogs is a French breed of a toy dog ​​or companion dog. First seen in the mid-nineteenth century, it resulted from cross-breeding of toy bulldogs with ratters purchased from England and local Paris. This dog with bat ears is beautiful. This glamorous-looking French Bulldogs dog is quite popular in America and other countries. … Read more

Shiba Inu dogs breed info, pictures, price & fact

Shiba Inu is a hunting breed native to Japan. It is a small to medium breed dog, which is agile and alert. The Shiba Inu was initially made for hunting. It quickly hunts small birds like wild boars. Japan is the smallest dog among the country’s six breeds (Akita, Kai, Shikoku, Keisha, Hokkaido, and Shiba). … Read more

Poodle Dog Breed Facts, price & Information

  Poodle dog is considered the most suitable breed for home and apartment keeping; it is a popular breed of puppy preferred by women. The poodle is called Poodle in German and Spanish in French. Based on breed, they are classified into four varieties, Medium Poodle, Miniature, Standard, and Toy Poodle. Of these four varieties, … Read more

German Shepherd Dogs Breed Info, Pictures, Price & Fact

German shepherd Dogs are a medium to large-sized breed which originated in Germany. It is one of the popular breeds of America. They are loyal to the owner and very courageous dogs. The German shepherd Dog, also known as the Alsatian in parts of Europe and Great Britain, is one of the top 10 most … Read more

Siberian Husky Dog Breed Facts, price & Information

The is a dog breed of sled dog belonging to the genetic family. Siberian Husky is slightly smaller than the Alaskan Malamute. Its coat is fuzzy, and its ears are triangular. This is an energetic and swift breed. Their speed is up to 30 mph. With its fantastic stamina, it can run up to 150 … Read more

Pomeranian Dogs Breed Info, Pictures, Price & Fact

Pomeranian dogs are playful, friendly little dogs; they are fearless due to their short stature. They tend to bully larger dogs, regardless of height. This breed is an active dog breed; they require daily exercise. A small yard is enough for them. For the first time in Germany, some Pomeranians were allowed by Queen Victoria … Read more

English bulldog info, Care and Training Facts

The English bulldog, also known as the British bulldog, is a large, muscular dog with wrinkled muscles. However, it is a medium-sized dog breed. They have a stubborn nature; they need a lot of exercises to stay fit. This breed cannot tolerate excessive moisture and heat, so move it indoors when signs of heat appear. … Read more

Labrador retriever information and facts health problems

The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular breeds in America, famous for its popularity in America and many Western world countries. Labrador retriever is a beautiful family pet dog. It is known as friendly, tolerant, capable,, and intelligent. Their life of 10-12 years provides happiness to the family. Dependable, curious, and playful dispositions … Read more

Afghan hound dog breed info-Facts and Personality

The Afghan hound dog is native to the cold mountains of Afghanistan, distinguished from its tail with its silky coat, coarse, fine silky hair, and ring curls. Its local name is Tai Spai or Saag-e-Tazi. Originated as a hunting mountain dog, it is independent and self-confident with its strong will. The Afghan hound is described … Read more