French Bulldogs dogs breed info, pictures, price & fact

The French Bulldogs is a French breed of a toy dog ​​or companion dog. First seen in the mid-nineteenth century, it resulted from cross-breeding of toy bulldogs with ratters purchased from England and local Paris. This dog with bat ears is beautiful.

This glamorous-looking French Bulldogs dog is quite popular in America and other countries. These small-stature dogs are muscular solid. They have an easygoing personality and a great coat. Due to their attractiveness, it is one of the popular dog breeds in the world.

Life Span: 10 – 15 Years

FCI: Standard

Colors: Fawn, brindle, tan, white, brindle, and white

How much do french bulldogs price?

The price of a puppy varies more or less according to its color, quality, size, and age. The average price of a Bulldog in the US is thought to be between $1,400 to $3,000. The price of breeding them is high as compared to other dogs. For their reproduction, C-section, artificial insemination is needed. For this reason, they are considered expensive dogs, and a reputable breeder charges them up to $4,000.


And compared to the puppy, a French Bulldogs puppy requires less exercise, although walking half a mile daily is sufficient. This breed is prone to hot climates, so monitoring is essential in the summer.

French Bulldogs are a stubborn breed, but they are not that difficult to train. The trainer needs to be patient and firm during training.

They have problems like vomiting and flatulence, due to which they give less importance to cleanliness. If you want to get a puppy with cleanliness, do not go with this dog.

These calm-looking dogs can bark and annoy those close to them. However, unlike other dogs, they have some exceptions.

They make strong children’s companions, but they should never be left alone in your absence. They make beautiful watchdogs for your apartment.


French bulldogs size

A French Bulldogs puppy stands 10 to 12 inches tall, with males weighing 20 to 30 pounds and females 15 to 25 pounds.

French Bulldogs dog personality and care

This is one cute, smart puppy who loves to spend time with the kids and the family sitting on the clean couch. They need good food, praise, rewards, and play.

Known to be independent puppies, they are intelligent dogs with brains. They become strong guards of your home with you, suspicious strangers will inform you.

Training your French Bulldogs is necessary, as good socialization teaches them to be excellent. They are stubborn by nature, but you can still make them good. According to the fans, all these activities are quickly learned. If he doesn’t adopt it in the initial days, then don’t give up and stick with him. Teach your Frenchie proper socialization using a variety of techniques. Please give him a reward to pique his interest.

Never keep things with you that will harm him as he starts chewing something. Crate training for his stubborn nature benefits the puppy’s well-being and improves his temperament.

Take a loving and relaxed attitude when training your French Bulldogs, as the play method makes training more accessible. Their independent nature is characterized by agility as well as obedience.

They should never be left alone for a long time, as this can lead to bad habits. Always being comfortable with them will determine the role of his excellent socialization.

This dog does not require much space with a small body and strong muscles. Always keep them relaxed; they feel good in the right environment. This is not a puppy that can live outside in hot climates.

The mild-mannered Frenchie follows you into each other’s rooms while lying at the feet of the owner and family members. They playfully love you. They do not imagine life without the owner.

French bulldogs puppy health

Although they do not have significant diseases, they have some common diseases. If you are thinking of getting this bulldog breed, you should know about them. Always look for a good breeder when buying a puppy, which gives you the approval of the health of the puppy and the health.

In French Bulldogs, you should see health clearances for elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and hypothyroidism.

Note: No matter how healthy your puppy seems to you, you will need to obtain health approval from the breeder. Any dog ​​should be prepared for the troubles that will come in his life. Veterinary treatment should be recommended if any adverse health symptoms are observed.

Feeding french bulldogs

These little dogs should be fed 1 to 2 cups of high-quality dry food daily.

Note: How much food does your puppy or dog eat, and the amount of food they need. This determines their age, size, build, and body movements. Like humans, dogs are always urged to give food according to their appetite. Overfeeding can make your puppy unwell, so it is better. Feed them a high-quality diet keeping in mind their daily activity.

French Bulldogs Coat Color and Grooming

Their coat is smooth, short, refined, and shiny. Wrinkles appear on their skin, which helps them to look shapely. On the rest, they have a softer texture.

French Bulldogs come in various colors, including fawn, brindle, tan, white, brindle, and white. Their coats have striking tiger brindle, brindle and white, black brindle, and deep brindle-like stripes.

These Bulldogs are easy to groom, although brushing is necessary to keep the coat looking good. Periodically check for scabs, bare spots, flaky skin, roughness, and skin lesions. If you notice any foul odor, check for an ear infection. If there is a possibility of a significant health-related illness, then seek the help of a doctor.

Ensure to disinfect the ear by taking a soft cloth to clean it and cleaning the ear from the outside by dipping it in lukewarm mineral water. Do not clean your dog’s ears with a sharp object. Use oil if there is roughness on the nose. It is better to buy a product from an animal store than not to use dog-human oil.

Nail, dental, and other care

Your dog’s nails should be cut once a month; as the nails grow, they have to face difficulty in walking. Nail-biting should be started from the time a puppy is born, as he will run away in doing so when he becomes an adult. Always cut a dog’s nails close, as missing from a distance can be painful for them. Nail-biting from afar can give your dog a bleeding problem, with your puppy crying tears of blood.

Bathe your Frenchie 2 to 3 times a month, allowing them to dry thoroughly to avoid infection. Apply oil to your dog’s skin; by doing this, their skin remains soft and supple. In addition to oils, use high-quality dog ​​shampoo and soap.

Keep an eye out for French Bulldogs for signs such as a full-body infection, as they are not humans that can tell you by speaking. If you find it difficult to groom them, seek the help of a suitable professional groom who understands their ailments.

French Bulldog dealing with children

The French are friendly with children and quite comfortable with them. Do not leave your children alone with the dog. Always make your kids aware of this or what should be taught. Contact should be avoided whenever the puppy is sleeping and while feeding. A [should] keep an eye between your dog and children.

French Bulldogs get along well with children and other small pets such as cats and rabbits. It’s fun to play Frenchie with small animals. However, without proper socialization, they can fall into a bad habit. Keeping your dog at home with appropriate socialization is recommended.

History of the French Bulldogs

This domestic small breed dog originated in England and was bred in the 1800s. This breed was prevalent for lace workers in Nottingham, France. Most of their breeding was done in Europe at that time.

Gradually his attraction began to grow in America; in 1896, his first dog show was held. The public loved it so much he was eventually given the nickname “French” at the time. Today it is also fondly called by this name.

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