German Shepherd Dogs Breed Info, Pictures, Price & Fact

German shepherd Dogs are a medium to large-sized breed which originated in Germany. It is one of the popular breeds of America. They are loyal to the owner and very courageous dogs.

The German shepherd Dog, also known as the Alsatian in parts of Europe and Great Britain, is one of the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the Americas and probably one of the most recognized famous dog breeds in the world Is. is one.

Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris

Life Span: 9 – 13 Years

Origin: Germany

Colors: Black, Sable, Black & Silver, Black & Tan, Red & Black, Gray

Temperament: Intelligent, stubborn, alert, loyal, obedient, confident, curious, observant, courageous

Height: Male: 60-65 cm Female: 55-60 cm

Weight: Male: 30–42 kg, Female: 22–30 kg

German shepherd dog price

The average price for a healthy, good-quality German shepherd is between $700-$1,500. Depending on good quality, this can cost up to $4000, with pure German blood provided to you bred or directly from German breeders. Prices may vary from place to place depending on the color, quality, and size.

German shepherd’s price in India starts from Rs. 12,000-30,000/-, although an excellent healthy German breed pure blood dog costs Rs. 50,000/-. The price varies more or less depending on the color, quality, and size. Apart from this, pet stores and breeders also change the prices according to their own.

Learn more about the German shepherd breed

These dogs are the most loyal dogs to the owner, so these dogs have played the role of movie stars many times. German shepherd Dogs are the first choice of police. Because of their high sense of smell, they are used to chasing criminals, detecting illegal substances, serving in the military, and shepherd stoke.

According to pet experts, if adequately trained German shepherd dog becomes a support to the blind person. He has played the role of a national hero. He has played a significant role in emergencies like 9/11 and terrorist activities.

German shepherd dogs are trained to prevent theft in homes, shops, and other commercial locations. They supervise everything in a better way. How well they are for you determines their socialization. If they have been well socialized from puppyhood, they are an excellent dangerous dog breed for the family.

This breed detects suspicious activities very quickly. Fans say that American breed German shepherds are very calm-tempered. Still, according to some critics, they have lost some of their talents due to joining Jobs.

The German shepherd Dog is nimble and agile. This breed is considered to be a physically and mentally developed breed. His personality is energetic and driven.

German shepherd dog


If busy with work and cannot devote long hours to your German shepherd, this breed is not for you. In the owner’s absence for a long time, this breed adopts terrible habits like chewing and digging.

German shepherd Dogs are brilliant and active dogs. They should be fed exercise and games for a reasonable amount of time. They should be rotated daily for 20 minutes to 1 hour. He takes a great interest in jogging and training.

These dogs bark at strangers, so their socialization is essential from puppyhood. Expose the puppy to places and people as quickly as possible. Introduce your puppy to others with hospitality and courtesy by starting a puppy class. Basic etiquette creates a good relationship between dog and owner.

Their hair sheds more than dogs, hence the critics’ nickname “German Shedder.” Brush any dog ​​breed with an excellent vacuum to prevent hair loss once a week.

Crate training is a good move and a great way to train your puppy correctly. Keeping him in the crate in case of separation teaches him to be calm and happy. Crate training is recommended for German shepherds from an early age.\

He has got the reputation of a great watchman; he must be kept free from chains while guarding. The chained dog pushes him towards frustration and aggression. They are family dogs; they live happily together inside the house.

German shepherd personality

They are not usually aggressive but do not suddenly make friends. They are solid watchdogs. Their trained breed thrives when employed to do any job. Training can become a support for the blind to smell the avalanche victim.

German shepherd Dogs do not like to be left alone for long periods, due to which they get bored very quickly. They should be given exercise and intelligence to improve their chewing and barking habits.

Like other dog breeds, the German shepherd dog also requires early socialization. Socialization allows them to learn about different people, sounds, places, and experiences. Training a dog decides to grow up to be a perfect dog.

German shepherd care

The German shepherd is a friendly dog ​​breed that should not be left alone for long periods. Leaving them alone for a long time will tarnish their reputation. German shepherds fall prey to habits like chewing digging for long periods.

A German shepherd needs at least 30 minutes daily to walk romp in the park. However, don’t take your German shepherd on long walks.

Some owners think that German shepherds do not need training. According to veterinarians, this is considered a big mistake; without exercise and training for a long time, a German shepherd’s temperament becomes fiery, and many disorders develop in their bodies. German shepherds excel in obedience competitions by training them.

Always look for a good breeder to train your puppy; he will be miles away from you. Not only does this teach your dog good manners, but it helps them learn how to be comfortable with other dogs and people. Always look for a breeder who uses positive training methods that reward the dog for doing it right, rather than punishing it for being wrong.

If you are raising a puppy, you will need proper care. He should be prevented from walking on hard surfaces until at least two years old. Take your dog for a daily walk on soft surfaces, other places like a park. Good growth gives good results for the temperament and health of the dog.

Feeding german shepherd

Note: How much an adult dog eats depends on its age, size, build, and activity level. An average of 2-3 cups of high-quality dry food a day is recommended. Always provide high-quality food. Dog food is just as nutritious. So many dogs are in good health.

When giving food to your German shepherd, keeping in mind its quantity, the proper amount should be kept in mind. If his weight is increasing continuously, then get his practical test done.

According to dog experts, they develop rapidly at the age of 4 to 7 years; due to not keeping the right amount of food, some disorders should not arise in them. A poor diet can lead to bone disorders in German shepherds. Feed your puppy a low-calorie diet to prevent it from getting old at a young age.

Children and other pets

German shepherds dogs not only love children, but they also enjoy the bustle and hustle that comes with them. Make puppy kid-friendly. The puppy needs to be trained to act around children and teach children how to behave around dogs.

It is essential to bring a German shepherd dog into a family and instruct children to live with it. The behavior between dog and young child should be monitored. Teach your children always to avoid contact with a dog when eating or sleeping.

No matter how friendly your German shepherd pup is, he should never be left unsupervised with a child. A well-trained German shepherd dog is always lovely.

German shepherd coat color and grooming

This dog breed is bred in a harsh climate; its coat is resistant to picking up dirt. The short and healthy, robust jacket keeps it from getting dirty. Its skin is wavy and wavy. Its outer coat is covered with thick hair, a unique blend of beauty.

German shepherd dog hair comes in a variety of colors, including – black and red; black and silver; black and cream, blue; gray; Liver; sable; black and Tan; And it is white.

This breed with heavy hair falls, so be prepared to vacuum and do it twice a week. By taking care of frequent cleanliness, you can avoid the problem of hair fall. A strong vacuum cleaner will help remove excess hair from the vacuum.

Bathing dogs removes dirt from their skin, so wash your dog with clean water at least twice a month. The good thing about German is that it is spotless and odorless despite so much hair fall.

Dog nails increase in the house so cut their nails once a month. Along with cutting the nails, remove the dirt from the ear with a clean cloth because bacteria accumulate in the ear, harming health. Use a pH-balanced ear cleaner when cleaning your dog’s ears.

German shepherd Dogs have bad munching and chewing habits, leading to tooth decay, bacteria, and tartar problems. To avoid dog teeth problems, clean their gums and teeth 3-4 times a week with a soft toothbrush.

German shepherd health

Always seek out a responsible breeder before buying a healthy puppy; never buy a puppy from an irresponsible pet store. Look for a reputable, experienced breeder who can ensure this. The puppy providing this to you has been raised by a healthy parent who was free from genetic diseases.

German shepherd dogs are generally healthy, but certain health activities affect them like other breeds. If you are taking a puppy, it is essential to be aware of some common diseases. like-

Dog Hip Dysplasia: This is a genetic disease; dogs suffering from this disease show lameness in the hind legs. The thigh bone does not freeze in the hip joint in this disease. Dogs suffering from this disease should not be bred. When buying a new dog, ask for proof from the breeder that the puppy’s parents have been tested for hip dysplasia and are free of problems.

Dog Allergy: This is a common disease found in all types of dogs. There are mainly two types of allergies; they can be cured by giving a good diet to your dog.

1.- Contact allergy – This disease is caused by a reaction to topical substances such as dog flea powder, bedding, dog shampoos, and other chemicals.

2.- Inhalant allergy – Airborne allergens like dust and mildew cause this disease to the dog. Treatment of this disease varies according to the cause and may include dietary restrictions, medications, and environmental changes.

Hypothyroidism in Dogs: This is a common thyroid gland disorder in dogs of all breeds. This leads to obesity, lethargy, hyperpigmentation, epilepsy, hair loss, pyoderma, and other skin conditions. It is treated with medicine and diet.

(PRA), Umbilical hernia, Von Willebrand, and Canine Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in dog

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): This is an eye disease in dogs; this disease gradually affects the retina. On exposure, night blindness occurs; as the disease progresses, the dog loses sight.

Umbilical hernia in dogs: This is a disease that occurs at the time of birth of the dog. In this, belly fat spreads on the belly and the navel. According to veterinarians, some minor hernias close on their own by the age of 6 months. Sometimes dogs spend their whole lives with this disease. It does not cause any difficulties to the dog.

Larger hernias may require surgery, which is often done when neutered or neutered. Veterinarians use this surgery to prevent a more severe condition. A loop of the intestine collapses into a hernia.

Von Willebrand disease of dogs: This disease is found in both dogs and humans. It is a blood disorder that affects the clotting process. Dogs suffering from this disease have a bleeding nose, bleeding gums, and sometimes blood in the stool.

Treatment of this disease is diagnosed between 3 and 5 years of age. It isn’t easy to recover in large dogs. However, it can be prevented by giving treatment.

Canine Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis: A dog suffering from this disease becomes a victim of vomiting and diarrhea; for the diagnosis of this disease, it is cured with a nutritious diet after consulting a veterinarian.

Cancer in dogs: Like humans, there is a terrible disease in dogs; there are many types of cancer in dogs. Treatment is done differently for each. Some types of cancer are treated with chemotherapy.

History of the German shepherd Dog

This is a new breed, which dates back to 1899. Centuries ago, farmers in Germany relied on dogs to drive and protect their herds. German dogs were famous for their skills. One day, in 1899, von Stephanitz was on his way to a dog show when he saw a wolf-like dog. They immediately bought a dog named Hector Lynxrin. Later it was crafted with a powerful physique and intelligence.

Von Stephanitz intended these to serve as shepherd dogs; as Germany became more and more industrialized at the time, von Stephanitz saw the need for such dogs to be extinct and decided that the dog’s future belonged to the police. Could for work and military service.

Von Stephanitz persuaded the German government to use the breed during that time through good socialization. German shepherds served as rescuers, messengers, guard supply carriers, and the Red Cross during World War I.

German shepherd Popularity in America

Although German shepherd Dogs made their way to the United States before World War I, American soldiers noted the dog’s bravery and intelligence. Many dogs went home with these soldiers.

An American soldier from Los Angeles takes a five-day-old puppy from a kennel bombed by a corporal in France. Corporal took this German puppy home, began training him, and turned him into one of Hollywood’s most recognizable four-legged stars: It became so famous that it appeared in 26 Hollywood movies and America. Born. helped to popularize

In 1917, the American Kennel Club (AKC) renamed the shepherd dog’s breed. England, this dog was renamed the Alsatian Wolf Dog by Alsace-Lorraine. In 1931 the AKC went back to using the original name of the German shepherd Dog; It took until 19 77 for the British Kennel Club to name it shepherd Dog.

Over the past few decades, some American dog breeders have begun emphasizing the breed’s capabilities rather than importing working dogs from Germany to add to their breeding programs.