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24/7 Emergency

24/7 Emergency

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Find an emergency vet in your area.

The deterioration in the health of pets is a matter of concern for the animal owner. A pet owner needs a quick and close search of an emergency vet for their animal. We have put together the largest directory of animal hospitals and emergency veterinarians in the United States to help you resolve this problem. Our team has put together a directory covering 2500+ emergency physicians in 900+ cities across 50 United States states.


Where to find a professional emergency vet in USA

Find a professional vet based in a city near you. Start by finding your state first and then find your current city location. If you can’t find your city, continue searching for the location closest to you. We can’t offer this due to not having too many veterinarians in some small space.

The Care4dog Triage chart shows how Quickly sick or Injured Dogs need an Emergency vet.

Level 1: Critical

Blocked cat
Broken bone
Eye trauma
Hit by car
Ascites in Dogs

Level 1:1 Critical

Seizures (active)
Allergic reactions
Breathing difficutly
fleas and ticks 
Bleeding (excessive)
Euthanasia/End-of-life care
Bloat (GVD)/swollen abdomen
Health certificate 

Level 2: Urgent

Eye irritation
Reverse Sneezing
Urinary tract problems
Bowel obstruction
Dog constipation
Veterinary Radiologist

Level 3: Important

Ear infection
Minor wounds
Chronic diseases
Cataract Surgery
Anorexia/not eating
Distemper in Dogs

Find local Emergency mobile vet near you

When it comes to emergency veterinary care, there are occasions when a pet owner is unable to take their pet to the hospital. In such a situation, Mobile Vet Clinic is a clinic of trust. We help you find an affordable pet emergency mobile vet for your beloved pet. Mobile therapists come to your home to provide essential medication, diagnostics and health exams as well as a full range of canine and feline vaccinations.



Our goal is to help you find an emergency vet in your area.

We love your pet more than an important member of our family, so we’re ready to help you find the information you need quickly. Using Care4dog’s simple tools, you can quickly locate your nearest emergency vet. Our site provides all the details you need to make a quick informed decision, so that your pet canine cat gets the best care it deserves.

Find local veterinarians near you

Are you looking for a vet in your location for your dog cat? Check out our list of quality Professional Veterinarians located in a city near you. Authority Vet also provides information on the health and well-being of your pet. The authors of our team are individuals who are currently working on providing access to veterinary medicine and are currently working in a veterinary clinic. All of our content is fact-checked, and verified for accuracy by an independent vet.

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When choosing a vet, first make sure you look at their hours of operation as needed. Usually all regular vet clinics are open Monday-Friday, with some open on weekends. Your nearest vet will be able to see your pet dog cat during normal business hours. They can help provide health check-ups, annual vaccinations and many other essential services. Your local veterinarian may offer these services:

  • Vaccination
  • health check up
  • spay and neuter
  • ultrasound
  • microchipping
  • dental care
  • minor surgery
  • Flea, Ticks, Heartworm Control
  • Allergies
  • orthopaedic Surgery
  • euthanasia / cremation
  • Diagnosing your pet’s health problems
  • Vaccination against pet diseases
  • giving medicines for pain, infections, or diseases
  • treat basic wounds
  • Helping owners with questions about their health and food
  • Behavioural issues and helping pregnant animals

All of these services for pets are offered at most local vet clinics and are usually only available during their regular business hours.

24 hours animal hospital for emergency vet at any time

We know that emergencies do not always happen during normal working hours. And if you call a general vet, they’ll refer you to a 24-hour vet instead. With a simple click, you can find a 24 hour vet and animal hospital ready to take care of your pet at any time of the day. Most of the major cities will have a 24-hour veterinary clinic which is fully equipped to deal with any emergency.

Emergency vet open on Sunday

It can be difficult for you to find the emergency vet to take your call on Sundays. We’ve made your search for the nearest emergency vet clinic on Sunday easy with a simple click by doing our research on this topic. You have no control over when your pet gets sick, so it’s comforting to know that there’s always a doctor out there to help.

Regular vet vs emergency vet

A regular vet near you provides basic care for your pet. As we have listed this information above, they can provide many services. Some regular veterinarians can also provide emergency care for your pet.

These professional veterinarians typically work with a team of several doctors, and emergency staff are on-call. If your nearest veterinarian does not offer emergency care, they will always know where to send you.

Some veterinarians only provide emergency care for pets, but only during regular business hours. So what if your dog needs to be seen right away? Every major city has a small amount of a veterinary hospital or emergency clinic, dedicated to the care of emergency cases. There are even some emergency vet clinics that are only open at night and on weekends, while your regular vet is closed.

24 hour animal emergency vet critical care and veterinary specialty services

Working at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide some life saving emergency care for pets in health crisis. They provide specialized expertise in the treatment and diagnosis of pets with complex, serious or chronic diseases.

We want to help your patient pet, so our team is constantly working on it. You can thank your pet by finding a good pet vet near you.
How can we say “yes” to your emergency vet search?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch by searching for a low cost mobile vet near you right now.

home visit vet mission statement

We aim to extend the convenience and savings of your pet by providing you with up-to-date information on mobile vet services for the well being of your pet. We are constantly updating the mobile vet information on the site, so that you can get help right away.

Mobile vets mission is to get to know you and your pet, and to provide the necessary treatment and preventive care to keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy for years to come. Mobile vet clinic has good teachers, doctors and compassionate caregivers. The entire staff at Mobile Vet Clinic is knowledgeable, honest and ready to serve.

Benefits of mobile Emergency vet care near you

The main mission of Mobile Veterinary Clinic is to provide compassionately, conveniently the highest quality emergency medical care whenever possible, while minimizing fear, anxiety and debility, day or night. Mobile Veterinary Clinic strives to serve the community at home, hotel, office, doggy-park, daycare/boarding facility etc. They will always try to provide great service wherever possible, with compassion, joy and consideration.

Mobile Emergency vet aims to educate pet owners and pet caregivers about the important medical, psychological and physical needs of their pets. A well informed owner will insist on the best pet medical care.

Mobile clinics intend for each owner to feel special and each individual pet to be treated specially by providing one-on-one visits with their veterinarians and visits when invited goes.

Reasons to go Emergency mobile vet!

Decreased exposure to disease from other pets


Less stress on your pet

No fighting traffic

No sitting in waiting rooms

Multiple pets can be seen during the same visit

No cleaning pet hair or vomit out of your car

No lifting heavy dogs in your car

Frequently asked questions for Animal Hospitals and Emergency vet

How many veterinary hospitals are there in the US?

With estimates of approximately 3,500 company-owned veterinary hospitals, Bracke Consulting tracks corporate purchases of veterinary clinics over a period of time. According to a 2017 AVMA report, the number of veterinary clinics in the US ranges from 28,000 to 32,000, according to one estimate and from various sources. Is.

When should you see the vet for your pet?

Our pets cannot tell us how they feel about their behaviour. A pet lover may notice changes in their pet’s behaviour such as lethargy, energy levels, changes in appetite, aggression, inappropriate vocalizations (barking/meowing) and elimination behaviour or various signs of health problems. Contact the nearest emergency vet hospital for an exam appointment.

What is the normal body temperature of dogs?

Dogs have an average temperature of 101.5. The range from 100.5 to 102 is fine. Always use a lubricated rectal thermometer to take your pet dog’s temperature.

Why can’t vets give advice, and diagnosis over the phone?

It is unethical and illegal for a dog to determine a diagnosis via phone. Unless a dog has been physically examined by a vet, it is impossible to come up with an accurate diagnosis and a rational plan of treatment.

A veterinarian cannot provide a diagnosis based solely on the symptoms observed by the dog owner. A dog’s external symptoms can be indicative of the cause of many internal diseases, with a variety of diagnostic treatments. A complete physical exam is required along with diagnostic tests to determine the best way to treat and cause the symptoms of a dog’s illness.

What does a dog’s cold, wet nose indicate?

A cold, wet nose can be a sign of good health in dogs, but sometimes even a healthy pet dog can have a hot, dry nose. In some cases, the nose of a sick dog may also become wet and cold. Therefore it is not your pet dog’s nose that is a reliable indicator of your pet dog’s health.

What veterinary services does Animal Hospital provide?


Behavioral Therapy


Clinical Nutrition


Diagnostic Imaging

Dog/ cat Annual Exams

Doggie Daycare

Emergency/Critical Care

Heartworm Treatment

Internal Medicine

Laser Therapy




Orthopedic Surgery

Pet Boarding

Pet Dental Care for dogs and cats

Pet Grooming

Pharmaceutical Care

Primary Care and Dentistry


Soft Tissue Surgery

Spay & Neuter



Zoological Medicine

Anesthesia and Pain Management

Behavioral/Socialization Classes & Training

Allergy Testing & Dermatology for dogs and cats

New Puppy/ Kitten Exam & Vaccination Packages

Why do pet dogs need teeth cleaning?

Many dog ​​owners think that it is normal for their dogs to have bad breath. According to pet doctors, bad breath is caused by bacteria and tartar in a dog’s mouth. Bacteria that make sulfur-containing byproducts. Regularly cleaning a dog’s mouth, along with professional cleaning, will help prevent bad breath and the bacteria it causes.

In addition to bad breath caused by bacteria, other canine dental diseases:

It releases bacteria into the bloodstream
Increases risk of liver, heart and kidney disease
This can cause severe pain and problems for the pet dog.

Pet dogs require regular dental treatment to increase their length and quality of life. Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs. Recent studies in the US suggest that 80% of cats and 90% of dogs over the age of 3 years have periodontal disease.

What happens during a pet dog teeth cleaning?

A thorough dental cleaning of a dog can only be done if the treatment is under general anesthesia. Anesthesia used by emergency doctors is safe for all breeds of dogs. Your pet dog is constantly monitored during this process. Before anesthesia, blood tests are recommended to help uncover any underlying serious illness.

Professional cleaning removes bacterial plaque and tartar from a dog’s teeth. Your pet dog’s entire mouth will be evaluated by examining the teeth, gums, tongue and lips.

What vaccinations does the pet need?

The vaccination required varies according to the species of pet. Below we have compiled a list of pet vaccinations that are absolutely essential for dogs and cats:

Necessary vaccinations for all dogs – Rabies, Leptospirosis, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Bordetella

Necessary vaccinations for cats – Rabies, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, and Feline Leukemia

Certain breeds of dogs and cats may require additional vaccinations. Vaccines are also based on your pet’s breed, age, environment and exposure potential. Contact your nearest hospital by searching for veterinarians at listed animal hospitals for your dog and cat to see if any additional vaccinations are needed.

How much does a vet visit/vaccination/surgery/medication, etc. cost for a pet?

The best way to know the cost action is to call your nearest veterinary clinic or emergency vet ahead of time and ask about alternative payment methods. The animal hospital manager will be happy to clarify the hospital’s payment policy.

Will my pet dog need to receive a complete set of vaccinations to get a rabies certificate?

To obtain a rabies vaccination certificate, only one rabies vaccination is required. This law is in force in the US to protect humans and animals from the spread of rabies. However, the vaccine cannot be given without a physical examination of the dog first.

Why do pet dogs need to be vaccinated?

Dog vaccinations help protect your pet from viruses and diseases in the environment. Without proper vaccinations, your pet can cause a serious illness to the dog. It is essential to consult a vet to determine the health of a pet dog and to identify any problems with their physical examination before they become serious.

To locate an emergency hospital or doctor and keep your pet dog updated about vaccines, find your nearest emergency doctor on our website, or call today.

At what age should your pet dog be neutered?

According to veterinary medical advice, you should wait until your pet puppy is at least 6 months old. Contact your nearest professional veterinarian to discuss specific details based on the different species, sizes and breeds of dogs. Spaying/neutering has behavioural and health benefits for your pet dog and, of course, helps prevent animal overpopulation.

Is it a good idea to give at least one litter box to a pet female dog?

No, there is no point in letting your pet female dog put a litter. However, there are many benefits to neutering or spaying your pet dog. These benefits include reducing the likelihood of mammary tumors later in a dog’s life, reducing the urge to roam the neighbourhood, reducing the likelihood of cystic ovary and uterine infections, reducing the incidence of prostate disease later in life, marking and helping prevent splashing. And also reduces the surplus of unwanted puppies.

When do female dogs and cats come into the heat?

Cats and female dogs usually reach puberty at six to eight months of age. After this time, All-female dog breeds usually come into heat twice a year. On average, one heat cycle takes about three weeks to complete. Female cats are different from dogs. Cats come in the summer season. Cats typically cycle at intervals of about three weeks during the summer, spring, and fall.

What to do if fleas or ticks appear on a pet dog?

Isolate your pet dog from other pets and small children to prevent the spread of flea or tick parasites. Contact your pet to the nearest emergency vet for a thorough examination and rescue for parasites. Parasites can often be treated with easy medical treatments, but ignoring parasite preventive measures can be disastrous for your pet. There are safe and effective parasite prevention products available in animal hospitals.

What are heartworms in dogs? How can I prevent my pet dog from getting heartworm?

When a mosquito bites an animal infected with heartworm, it becomes infected. When infected larvae bite your dog, your dog becomes infected with the larval stage of the heartworm parasite.
Heartworm is a potentially fatal and serious disease in pet dogs. Spaghetti-like worms live in the lungs, heart and blood vessels of an infected pet dog, causing lung disease, organ damage and heart failure to the pet, and can be fatal if not treated in time . It is possible

How often should a pet dog and cat be a wellness exam?

According to veterinarians, puppies and kittens, they will need to be seen by the vet more often during their first year of life. For pet dogs over 6-7 years old, veterinarians recommend exams and blood tests every 6 months to help rule out issues with diseases (such as arthritis and kidney or heart disease).

Annual examinations include physical examinations by physicians at the animal hospital and annual vaccinations or booster doses, parasite screening and prevention, and many other laboratory tests.

Why is there such a wide range of prices for similar procedure dog diseases among veterinarians?

The cost of dog illnesses is covered by the vet’s salary, rent, up-to-date medical equipment, utilities, transportation expenses and other costs at the animal hospital. However, some basic medical procedures may be the same.

The vet at each animal hospital sets fees for canine illness services based on various criteria, such as various anesthetics, antibiotics, medications, medical techniques and products, which can have an impact on the cost of the services.

Can the vet get a refund if the pet doesn’t resolve the problem?

Everything that is done to the animal, including the administration of a test, diagnosis, examination, treatment and medications, is included in the animal treatment fee. Some problems can be long-term and involve variable causes. Treatment may continue.

It is not always possible to influence the cure. You are paying for the effort to diagnose and treat a problem.

What is a pet vet?

Veterinarian is dedicated to protecting the health and welfare of animals. Veterinarians are highly qualified and skilled in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of animal health problems. Because their training and knowledge extend to many closely related fields. They provide a variety of services in private teaching, practice and research, regulatory animal public health, medicine, private industry and other specialized services.

What Kind of Education Should a Professional Veterinarian Have?

To earn a veterinary degree in the United States, a man or woman must generally complete at least seven years of university education. This includes a minimum of 3 years of pre-veterinary university edu and 4 years in a program in veterinary medicine. According to one survey, the typical veterinary student spends approximately 4,000 hours in the classroom, clinical study, and laboratory.

What is Animal Hospital?

Animal Hospital is dedicated to veterinary medicine with its line of doctors and staff. Pet Hospital’s professional team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality, personalized care for your dog in a warm and welcoming environment. All members of their team are experienced in a wide range of veterinary services. They are ready to meet your pet’s needs.

What services does a pet clinic for pet dogs offer?

The veterinary hospital or emergency vetting is a common practice to attend to all of your pet’s needs, from allergies to pet dogs, skin, ears, and all other diseases affecting dogs, such as allergies, bacteria, fungi, and hormonal imbalances. and parasitic diseases etc.

Their professional team works to address these differences to deal with all the issues affected. and is equipped to carry out the best treatment and diagnosis plan.

What services do pet mobile vets provide to pets?

They offer the following services:

Services Provided

Wellness Examinations

Preventative Health Vaccines

Heartworm Screening & Prevention

Flea and Tick Prevention


In Home Euthanasia

Dental Care


In Home Euthanasia

Wellness Exams




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