Poodle Dog Breed Facts, price & Information

  Poodle dog is considered the most suitable breed for home and apartment keeping; it is a popular breed of puppy preferred by women. The poodle is called Poodle in German and Spanish in French. Based on breed, they are classified into four varieties, Medium Poodle, Miniature, Standard, and Toy Poodle. Of these four varieties, the medium is not universally recognized.

It is considered to be the oldest dog breed to hunt waterfowl. The poodle is intelligent, loyal, mischievous, and most of all loving. Poodles love to play.

Life Span: 12 – 16 Years

FCI: Standard

Height: Standard Poodle: 40 – 60 cm, Medium Poodle – 35 – 45 cm, Toy Poodle – 24 – 28 cm, Miniature Poodle – 28 – 35 cm

Color: Black & White, Sable, Grey, Blue, Silver, Brown, Red Black & White, Sable, Grey, Blue, Silver, Brown, Red, Black, White, Apricot, Cream

Origin: Germany, France

Temperament: Loyal, active, spontaneous, trainable, intelligent, alert

Price of poodle in the USA

The Toy and the Miniature Poodle are estimated to cost between $1000 – $2000. The Standard Poodle is cheaper than other Poodles and available for $600 – $1500. The price difference is bound to vary from city to city and breeder. Depending on its color, size, and age, a puppy can cost more or less. Apart from the initial cost, it would help to think about their maintenance.

When buying a dog or puppy of any breed. Be sure to comply with pure blood breeding and Kennel Club registrations. Also, make sure from the breeder that the above puppy is bred by healthy parents free from genetic diseases.

Poodle size and weight

These are three types of dogs of the same breed, with the Toy Poodle being 12 inches tall and about 9 pounds. The Standard Poodle stands 15 inches tall, and the male is 45 to 70, and the female is 40 to 60 pounds. The medium poodle measures 11 to 15 inches in length and 15 to 18 pounds in weight.

Poodle dog personality

Poodle breed dogs are very loyal dogs to the family; small-sized dog lovers and women like these dogs very much. It is intelligent and playful. It is necessary to train its brain to develop well.

The coat of the Toy Poodle is more attractive than that of other types of Poodles. By grooming, it attracts everyone’s mind. You should take the help of a professional groomer after a gap of 3-4 weeks. You can do it yourself to avoid the burden of extra money; it will take your hard work and time.

Poodle dog’s eyes release a lot of tears, which can lead to stains around you. Gently wipe the face daily with a washcloth dipped in lukewarm water to reduce blemishes.

It is a calm-tempered dog with a perfect personality, making it an exercise-loving puppy. This requires regular exercise. Tiny Toy Poodles are more petite than Standard and Miniature Poodles.

It is the watchdog of their house, apartment, and house. Whenever any unknown person comes into the house, he immediately informs about it. This is a very affectionate dog with family.

The poodle has a brain like a human; its exceptional cleverness attracts the owner. They attach themselves to society very quickly as compared to other dogs. They can be trained more rapidly than dogs.

Poodle dog care

They need to be well socialized; good training helps them learn human companionship from apartment to property, home to public places. Toy poodles often like to be with family; medium and miniature poodles have no problem leaving the house.

Being an intelligent breed, it learns every habit, but you need to be careful. Because the sooner they adopt good practices, the sooner they fall prey to bad habits. This is a must-have for a new owner.

If you do not know how to train a dog, you can take the help of a skilled trainer. Under his supervision, they are made ideal dogs, who become obedient dogs.

Poodle dog food

They should be given 1 to 3 cups of dry food. Still, cup to cup and toy cups for the Miniature Poodle is recommended because of the variation in size.

Note:- How much food your puppy or dog eats is decided based on his age, size, metabolism, and build. Dogs are like humans, and it has been advised to feed them 2 to 3 times a day. Food quality helps make your dog or puppy healthy, so always buy the best quality food from a reputable store.

Overfeeding can affect your dog’s health, as it causes him to gain weight. Always measure and take note of the amount of food your dog eats so that you can improve his health.

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Poodle’s coat colour and grooming

Poodles come in various colours, including black, blue, white, brown, coffee, and cream. Their hair is curly, which looks very beautiful after grooming. It is a non-shedding breed, but they tend to shed hair in places with scorching climates. To keep a poodle’s coat beautiful, it needs to be groomed every three weeks. If you are going to bring home a Poodle puppy, you must think about its upkeep.

Although it will take time and effort to learn how to groom your dog yourself, the good news is it will save you money. Along with grooming your poodle, bathe him twice a month to keep his coat soft. If possible, brush his teeth twice a week.

Use a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm water to groom the poodle’s eyes as they often have watery eyes. Be sure to get your puppy’s ears checked, as dust tends to collect dirt in their ears. This signals an infection to your dog. Use a gentle, pH-balanced ear cleaner to clean the ears.

Trim their nails 1 to 3 times a month. If you are not aware, you can hear it clicking on the floor. Always cut nails close, as cutting from far away can affect their blood vessels and put them at risk of bleeding. Get used to them from the time of puppy, so that he can do it with full enthusiasm next time.

When grooming, check for sores, rashes, or infections such as tenderness, redness, swelling of the nose, mouth, and feet. Your attentiveness will let him know about possible problems. And catching his disease will become easier.

Poodle’s behaviour with children

The poodle puppy is a beautiful companion to children. Still, due to a lack of information about the dog, children cannot handle them. A slight mistake can hurt him.

It is always essential to teach your kids how to approach and touch dogs. Always keep an eye on the activities between the dog and the children. Always keep your babies from pulling their ears and tail while sleeping or eating. No matter how friendly a dog is, never leave it unsupervised with children.

History of the Poodle Dog

They were developed for hunting waterfowl in ancient times, being one of the oldest breeds. It originated in Germany, and the breed developed in France. Poodle dogs are believed to be descendants of Asian shepherds. Ancient tribes such as the Germanic Goths and Ostrogoths kept them for hunting.

According to the old history, the poodle was not there until the 1400s; after 1400 came the miniature and then the toy and standard poodle. According to a fact, criminals kept them hidden at that time. Hence they have also been given the nickname “Sleeve Dog.”

England registered it in their kennels in 1874, although it was unknown when it reached America. After England, the American Kennel Club (AKC) reported its first poodle in 1886.

Their status was very vulnerable during World War II, but after 1950 it became a popular breed in America. It is believed that for 20 years, it held the top position in popularity.

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