Roberto Cantoral Birthday

Roberto Cantoral was a Mexican musician and singer born on June 7, 1935, in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico City, Mexico.

Educational qualification

Cantoral went to Mexico City to attend college, but dropped out to be the bandleader.


Roberto Cantoral began his career at the age of 15 when he and his brother Antonio formed the duet "Hermanos Cantoral" ("Cantoral Brothers").

Net worth and salary

According to various sources, Roberto Cantoral had an estimated net worth of $89 million at the time of his death.


He was known as a great Mexican pianist, guitarist, singer, poet, activist and composer.

As famous

Soundtracked an emerging era of romantic Latin pop with beloved ballads such as "La Barca" ("The Watch") ("The Boat") and "El Reloz".

Cantoral's marriage

He was married to Mexican actress Itati Zucchi. With Juchi, Roberto Cantoral had three sons, Roberto, Carlos and José.

Standard of living

Roberto Cantoral lived in Rancho Viejo, Texas, across the border from Mexico. His house caught fire in 2006 but was later renovated.


In 2009, Cantoral was awarded the Latin Recording Academy Trustees Award at the 10th Latin Grammy Awards for his dedication to community and music.


Roberto Cantoral died in 2010 at the age of 75 after suffering a heart attack on a flight from Brownsville, Texas to Ciudad de Mexico.