Welcomed a new dog with a surprising name. Dog lovers The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently adopted a seven-year-old Beagle.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have welcomed a new dog

According to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, their new guest is a seven-year-old beagle.

Amazing new couple breed

Meghan chose animal welfare charity Mayu as one of her patrons and has frequently used the #adoptontshop hashtag on social media.

Meghan adopted from where

Harry revealed that the Queen's corpses took Meghan "straight away" when they first met in 2017.

Prince Harry revealed

They were dressed in a black Labrador named Pula with the new Beagle welcoming another guest.

Total Dogs in the Mia Sussex Family

The Duchess couple has previously said that her new guests mean "the perfect world" to her and have both referred to it as "my love."

What did Prince Harry and Meghan name it?

Harry reported that the dogs did not stop "waving their tails", which the dog interviewer said should be a "good sign".

Good sign

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