The death toll from a new parvo-like disease among small dogs in northern Michigan has now risen to 30 to 60, doubling in a matter of days.

A new parvo-like disease in small dogs

This parvo-like disease mostly affects dogs under two years of age. Take care of your small-breed dogs.

Affected dog

Some of the symptoms of this disease include symptoms such as frequent vomiting to the dog, bloody stools and diarrhea.

some symptoms of illness

Get vaccinated as soon as possible, as vaccination will reduce the chances of your pet getting serious illness.

Dog rescue

Do not allow your pet dog to come into contact with other pet waste. And call your vet immediately.

Home Care

The samples have been submitted to the University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, the results of which test positive are still pending.

Animal control officer

Dogs should stay at home if their pet dog experiences any symptoms. And get medical advice soon."

Visit nearest hospital