DOG'S DON'T FEEL GUILTY, THEY SUFFER FROM JEALOUSY Your pacely may gen jealous but researchons hand dose puppy eyes une not .

DOGS CAN SEE IN COLORS They only have Two coses in their eyes to detect color, whereas humano have three.

DOGS CAN SMELL DISEASE Dog can actually diagnose your Cancer, something scientists are oagan to explore further.

A WAGGING TAIL DOESN'T ALWAYS MEAN THEY ARE HAPPY Dogs wag their tall to the Wegging low means they one insecure and rapid movement occompanied by tense muscles de dilated pupils

DOGS ARE ACTUALLY HOT DOGS The namel body temperature of . human is 57 degrees Celsive the. humans and dogs don't have tweet glands over their bodies.

EACH DOG'S NOSE HAS A UNIQUE PRINT A dog's pow print may look pretty generie but their nose print is actually.

DOGS CAN FALL IN LOVE Love was suggested by antivopologist Elezabeth Marshall Thomas, author of The Social Lives of Dogs.

DOGS DREAM JUST LIKE YOU Nore surprising is the fact that not all dogs dream the some amount