How to treat dog bite at home and medically.

Dear Readers, Today, we will talk about Dog Bite Treatment. That is, how to treat dog bites at home and medically. What precautions are necessary if a dog bites a dog?

Outcomes can be different for friends with crazy or outside dog bites and pet dog bites. Talk about a pet dog if it is correctly cared for. Where their food, the body is perfectly cleaned.

If all vaccinations are given to the dog according to the regulations, the risk of pet dog bites is minimal. If an outside stray or mad dog bites a person, many life-threatening diseases can occur.

And if some necessary steps are not taken at the right time, or if a dog bite is not treated, its consequences can be hazardous and dire. There may even be a problem like an insanity in some cases.

What to do if a dog bites?

If a pet, stray or mad dog bites someone, you have to do the first thing. It has to be done something like this according to the guideline of WHO (World Health Organization). The bite area is to be washed with antiseptic soap for 15-20 minutes with the help of running water, i.e., fast-flowing water like a tap or pipe.

You must be wondering why the bitten area should be washed with water. So the reason behind this is that if the dog bites, the site is washed in running water or rapidly falling water. Virus derived from dog saliva that is applied to the wound. It floats in the water flow, which reduces the danger.

Why are dog bites dangerous?

dog bites level
dog bites level

The bite of a madman or any other outside stray dog ​​is extremely dangerous. Talking about the disease caused by the bite of a mad dog, the first name that comes up is rabies. Rabies is a fatal and incurable disease caused by dog ​​bites. Its only cure is timely prevention and vaccination.

If a person gets the rabies virus after a dog bite, it is not treated in time. So the rabies virus slowly reaches the person’s brain and infects him at a speed of 3 mm per hour. After which, the symptoms of insanity start in that person, and after that, he dies. It is mandatory to get the anti-rabies vaccine within 72 hours of a dog bite to prevent rabies.

Dog bite treatment protocol

Friends, if a pup bites you or any person, it is very important and necessary to get the injection if the vaccine speaks in the ordinary language. Which protects from deadly diseases caused by dog ​​bites.

The medical treatment done after a dog bite is routine, what we call the Dog Bite Treatment Protocol. This treatment is done free of cost in every government hospital. Let us know how this happens.

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How many days after a dog bite anti-rabies injection should be taken?

When bitten by a mad dog, a total of six injections are given to the bitten person. In which one rabies antiserum and five anti-rabies injections are given. Whatever is put in this way.

The first two anti-rabies serum injections and anti-rabies injections are given at 0. i.e., the day the dog is bitten. And the remaining four injections are given on days 3, 7, 14, and 28. To prevent rabies, it is important to follow the dog bite protocol.

dog bites dangerous
dog bites dangerous

Precautions after a dog bite

After a dog bite, the bitten person must be adequately treated under the medical guideline. Along with treatment, it is also very important that you follow some precautions because your little carelessness can spoil the matter. The consequences of this can be sad.

  1. The area where the dog has been bitten has to be first washed with water, as we have mentioned earlier. And after that, clean it with Dettol. According to the reader’s veterinarians, one crucial thing is that the wound should not be tied, small or large. After cleaning the wound, it should be left open.
  2. If the injury is deep after a dog bite, consult a doctor and get the necessary treatment. Because the harm is more profound, there may be a risk of damage and exposure to bones and nerves.
  3. Dog bites carry the highest risk of rabies virus. There is no cure for the rabies virus. The only best way to avoid this is to get medical treatment immediately after a dog bite. And get all the ticks of any government or non-government hospital rabies as per the rules.

Dog bite homoeopathic medicine.

There are many effective remedies for dog bites in the homoeopathic system. Hydrophobinum Dilution 200 CH Liquid is given to a dog-bitten person. This is how to use it.

One drop is to be put on the tongue at intervals of ten minutes, thrice a day, for a week. Do not store it in the refrigerator after use and keep it away from sunlight.

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Dog bite home remedies

Home remedies are used as first aid for a dog bite. Suppose a dog bites a person. Home remedies and Cleaning the wound can eliminate the poison.

Treating puppy bites along with home remedies is also very necessary and important. Because the highest risk of rabies is from dog bites, and if it is not treated on time, it can even kill.

Red chilly

Red chilli is used as a spice in every household. But it is also used for dog bites. Applying this paste on the dog’s bitten area reduces the effect of the poison. However, you will have to face extreme irritation by using it.

Black Pepper and Cumin

Grind fifteen black peppercorns and one teaspoon of cumin seeds soaked in water and make a paste. Applying it on the bitten area also reduces the effect of poison.

Honey, Walnuts, and Onions

Take an equal quantity of walnut kernels and onion and grind them. And mix honey and salt in it and apply it to the bitten area of ​​the pup. It helps in reducing the effect of the poison.


Asafoetida is also used as the best home remedy for pup bites. Grind it finely and make a few passes on the bitten area. It helps in reducing the effect of the poison.


Cholai vegetable is usually eaten, but do you know. It is used to eliminate poison from dog bites. Grind the root of Jagali Cholai in 50-100 grams of water and consume it.

Mango seed

According to India Ayurveda, there are many benefits of mango seed. And it is also beneficial for dog bites. Grinding mango seed in water and applying it to the bitten area will relieve the bitten person.

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