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The Husky Wolf Mix, also known as the Wolfdog, is a hybrid mix of the Siberian Husky and one of several different wolf species. The mixed breed requires an extremely dedicated owner who has plenty of time to exercise their pet.

They are made social and trainable to do a lot of work. The Husky Wolf Mix breed is ​​not a dog for everyone and is not exactly suitable for a first-time dog owner.

If you live in certain country states and meet specific criteria, you can. Find out what it takes to own a Husky Mix, spacious living conditions, from their intense exercise requirements, special nutritional needs, and more!

Height: 25-32 inches

Weight: 75-150 pounds

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Colors: Black-grey, grey-white, white, grey, tan, or a combination of these colors

Suitable For: Highly active people who like to spend time outside; They are not suitable for families with children or first-time pet owners.

Temperament: wary of strangers, intelligent and aloof, often more interested in other dogs than spending time with their human family.

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Husky Wolf Mix

A Siberian Husky crossed with a wolf is known as a wolf hybrid or Wolfdog. The wolf hybrid is a relatively unknown entity. Because many people cannot accept this challenge successfully, this wolf hybrid is undoubtedly surprising, but it comes with several difficulties. And only a few families will be compatible with this animal. He is not as practical as other Husky mixes.

What is Husky Wolf Mix?

Any hybrid animal can be unpredictable. Its symptoms may vary depending on the specific genetic code inherited from each parent. So, a Siberian Husky Wolf hybrid needs an owner knowledgeable and experienced in both dogs and wolves. This is not a mix for the novice owner.

A husky wolf mix combines a domestic husky breed with a wild wolf. Either a Siberian Husky or an Alaskan Husky can be used in this mix. Mixed dog breeds, or designer dogs, are increasing in popularity. Many dog owners are looking for a unique dog to call their own. And it has sparked interest in wolf hybrids.

However, dog-wolf hybrids are classified as wild animals in many states and countries. There are a lot of restrictions on their ownership. In addition, dog-wolf hybridization is considered a threat to wolf conservation in some areas of the world.

Husky Wolf Mix Puppies – Considering Buying or Adopting…

Before considering adopting or buying a Siberian Husky Wolf Mix dog, you must check the legal requirements of your country and state. In the United States, as in most other countries, it is illegal to own a purebred wolf. And while mixed-breed dogs may not face the same prohibition. There will likely be a bureaucratic process in place before the ownership is legally held.

size and appearance

Wolfdog looks will vary greatly even within the same litter. They can keep either the wild form of their wolf parent or the domesticated form of their husky parent. The male Siberian Husky Wolf Mix will weigh between 85 and 150 pounds, and the female Wolfdog will weigh between 75 and 130 pounds. The male Wolf will be 26 to 33 inches long from paw to shoulder and the female 25 to 32 inches long.

Coat and color

Grey, tan, white, and brown are the most common colors for wolfdogs.

The Wolf dog will have a medium-length double coat, which is thick and dense. Wolfdogs will also enjoy a variety of colors, including black, grey, white, grey, and tan.

Like its Wolf parent, the color of a Wolfdog’s coat will change by about one year, and while it doesn’t change much, the tone and shading certainly will, so keep that in mind. Keep it when you are buying him as a puppy.


The husky wolf mix breed should be fed several pounds of raw meat daily. The vet also advises that they should be given nutritional supplements such as vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, glucosamine, and wheatgrass, which can be hidden in raw meat.

Because of their primitive nature, they should eat raw meat.

As it is dangerous dog, husky Wolfdogs should be fed raw meat except for pork. Wolfdogs will not benefit from being fed dog kibble and will become quite unhealthy if they do not receive the nutrients they would otherwise find in the wild.

What is the cost of Husky Wolf Mix puppies?

Siberian husky wolf mix puppy

Finding a Siberian husky wolf mix puppy can be tough. These puppies start at around $1000 but can cost a lot. You won’t find dog breeders everywhere. This mixed breed will usually come from a highly specialized breeder who has experience with wolves.

Work closely with the breeder if you are up for this risk. Make sure you are getting the healthiest puppy possible, and make sure you are prepared for the challenges this mix will present.

Are Husky Wolf Mix dogs good for families?

No, the Husky Wolf Mix dog is unsuitable for families with children. While there are many testimonials online about these dogs and how well they get on with children, the temperament of any dog ​​that has a high percentage of wolves is completely unpredictable. Therefore, they are essentially wild dogs and should not be left alone or trusted with children of any age.

Does the Husky Wolf Mix breed get along with other pets?

While keeping other dogs with a Husky Wolf Mix is ​​a great option, the same cannot be said of owning other small animals. Siberian Husky Wolf Mix dogs are not suitable for households with other small animals as pets unless these animals can be kept away from your dog. A Husky Wolf Mix dog will view these small pets as prey to chase or hunt, not as valuable family members.

The Siberian Husky Wolf Mix is ​​a social breed and will do best when they have other canine companions. However, keep in mind that they are also territorial dogs, and it may take some time for a new dog to be accepted as a member of their pack.

Husky Wolf Mix

Exercise Requirements and Living Conditions

These part-wild animals need 3-4 hours of exercise daily.

Wolfdogs will need about 3 to 4 hours of intense exercise to stay engaged and happy. A restless pup is destructive, but a restless and bored wolf hybrid is an entirely different level of destruction that can’t be put into words.

Can live indoors when not outside, but it would be wise to train them so that they do not surprise or destroy your property at night. 


In the context of obedience training, this too will be a challenge and will require a lot of dedication and patience if you have any chance of success. Although they are highly intelligent, Siberian Husky Wolf Mix dogs can be quite aloof. There will be no desire to do anything to make you happy. The only way to be successful is to make frequent repetitions and training sessions fun, as these dogs will only do something when they see that there is some benefit to them.

Your Husky Wolf Mix dog should be introduced to as many people and other animals as possible from an early age. They are notoriously difficult dogs to socialize adequately. If you hope to get your adult dog to get along with strange people and animals, there is a need to take many risks with them when they are extremely young.

Grooming ️

These wolf dogs require only minimal grooming for most of the year. They have thick double coats that are shed all the time. But when they shed their coat once or twice a year, they don’t need much brushing.

However, you will want to start a regular brushing routine when your dog is younger; Until they get used to this process, you will have a lot of difficulties controlling them enough to brush them when they are large and exceptionally strong adult dogs.

Health and conditions

Siberian Husky Wolf Mix pups are generally quite healthy dogs. But they are susceptible to many of the same health conditions as other largest dog breeds. The following is a list of health conditions they may face.

Skin disorders related to zinc deficiency

eye infection

ear infections

critical conditions

hip dysplasia

progressive renal atrophy


corneal disorder

thyroid deficiency

Wolfdog male vs. wolfdog female

When choosing a puppy, unless you have special preferences or plan to breed with your dog, making your decision based on sex is usually not the best way to choose the most suitable puppy. Is believed. A better approach is to consider the personalities of the available puppies and find the best fit for your dog type.

Female wolfdogs display greater dominance within groups, including human family groups, than males, and this is consistent with wild wolf behavior, with females always being the pack leader. Women are also more accepting of human attention, while men are quite aloof.

However, as with any hybrid wolfdog, including the Husky Wolf Mix dog, some wolf-related traits that differ between the sexes may be worth considering.

Wolf-like dogs

The main reason people love the Husky Wolf Mix is ​​that wild look. But, there are a lot of domestic dogs that have this wolf-like appearance.

Alaska husky

Tamaskan dog

German Shepherd Malamute Mix

Irish Wolfhound dog 

These dogs are better suited to most families. They require very little work and will fit more easily in a family home.

Final thoughts

The Husky Wolf Mix is ​​undeniably a visually striking dog with its wild look. However, the Wolfdog will not be a forever puppy, and as he grows, if he is not adequately trained as a puppy, it will certainly be difficult to keep him as a family pet.

According to ‘Mission: The Wolf,’ 9 out of 10 wolfdogs will die due to escape, neglect, euthanasia, and maltreatment, leaving a surviving wolf homeless because its owners cannot care for it. So, this challenge is not for the weak.

Although extremely popular, this breed is highly misunderstood, with many people buying Husky Wolf Mix dogs every year without understanding the breed or the challenges of owning one.

Luna at 1 year old Siberian Husky and Wolf Mix
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