Adopting a new Siberian Husky dog ​​name family member is as exciting as it can be at times! Not only do you have to buy suitable toys for your Husky dog, but you also have to get a complete Husky harness and feed him well-balanced Husky dog food.

As if thinking this wasn’t enough, finding the perfect name for your puppy is often one of the things that a new dog owner often struggles with!

Finding the perfect Siberian husky names

Suppose you don’t follow what everyone else is doing, no problem. There are many other sources for your new husky friend’s name. You can watch pop culture, books, movies, television shows, music, and more. You can also research Husky breed heritage to find the right name.

They often outcompete their owners and get out of the way in situations you wouldn’t expect your average Fido to find out.

Even if you chose a Siberian husky, many of these names would work for your dog as well. Let’s find the best perfect name for your Siberian Husky puppy!

Cute Siberian husky Puppy Naming Tips

Dog naming is both a science and an art. You need to understand some basics about puppy behavior. Still, you want to feel the emotion and see the beauty and power of the name you choose. There is a lot to learn before taking on the task of finding the perfect Siberian Husky dog ​​name.

Syllables are important for a dog named Siberian huskies.

Experts recommend using two-letter names to add easier inflections to one-letter names. For example, if your puppy’s name is Paisley, you can emphasize by moving the “Pais” part up and then sliding your tone down to the “take” part to show affection.

Kit sounds like sitting.

It would help if you also avoid names that sound like native commands. For example, if you call her cake and then try to teach her to shake, you will see early confusion in your dog.

The Backdoor Test Siberian Husky dog ​​name

Lastly, we recommend the “back door test” for your Siberian Husky dog ​​name. You’ll be shouting words out the door to test if you like to say them out loud. Backdoor testing will help eliminate unpleasant or inappropriate names before bringing your dog home.

Popular Siberian Husky Names

Searching for Siberian Husky names is to look for the most popular options. Like other popular breeds such as the German Shepherd, several commonly used words for Siberian Huskies, both male and female. 

Female husky names with blue eyes

  1. Akira
  2. Apollo
  3. Atlas
  4. Aurora
  5. Bandit
  6. Bear
  7. Bella
  8. Blue
  9. Daisy
  10. Dakota

Exotic husky names female & girl dog

  1. Duke
  2. Franklin
  3. Ghost
  4. Jack
  5. Jax
  6. Kera
  7. Koda
  8. Loki
  9. Lola
  10. Luna

Good name for female husky

  1. Max
  2. Mishka
  3. Mya
  4. Nala
  5. Ned
  6. Nero
  7. Newport
  8. Riley
  9. Rocket
  10. Rocky
  11. Sasha
  12. Shadow Lily
  13. Sky
  14. Storm
  15. Sully
  16. Thor
  17. Willow
  18. Zeus
  19. Zoey

Musically inspired names for Siberian husky dog

Naming a Husky after an intelligent or calm performer will be a disservice to your talented and active puppy. The musician and his music can make an excellent name for your Husky, as long as his personality matches the name.

Names for white, black & blue eyes female (girl) dog

  • Cello
  • Dolly
  • Jean
  • Jerry
  • Jolene
  • Lady
  • Layla
  • Lyric
  • Macy
  • Miley
  • Nellie
  • Sharona
  • Teegan
  • Tiffany
  • Ziggy

Names for white, black & blue eyes male puppy dog

  • Axl
  • Beethoven
  • Billie
  • Buckley
  • Cash
  • Gibson
  • Hendrix
  • Jackson
  • Jude
  • Lennon
  • Prince
  • Sinatra
  • Snoop
  • Wolfgang

finding the perfect Russian Siberian husky names

Literature inspired names

As we mentioned with musical names, it makes a lot more sense for your Husky to find a name in a book that represents intelligence, class, or stubbornness than to choose any old character. Huskies are fierce but loyal and lovable. Consider your dog’s personality when selecting a literary name.

good male husky names

  • Alice
  • Arya
  • Bennett
  • Clifford
  • Elphaba
  • Ender

good female husky names


  • Flash
  • Gandalf
  • Hazel
  • Hermoine
  • Katniss
  • Keller
  • Langston
  • Logan
  • Matilda
  • Moriarty
  • Morris
  • Prynne
  • Quixote
  • Raven
  • Renton
  • Rogue
  • Scout
  • Sherlock
  • Shiloh
  • Snowball
  • Tris
  • Twain

Dog names inspired by film and television

It’s possible that naming a puppy after a TV show or movie will cause your puppy to call a later curiosity. If you want to use the name of a popular perennial show or classic film, you should be fine. Perhaps the most appropriate name for your husky on the TV and movie list is last, as MacGyver is highly quick-witted and able to pull out of almost any situation.

Huskies are similar to MacGyvers in their way of thinking. They are known to avoid their crates, fences, and anything else that stands between them and their freedom. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites based on television and movies so you can better name your cute puppy.

male Siberian Husky dog ​​name

  1. Bauer
  2. Baxter
  3. Chandler
  4. Dexter
  5. Dude
  6. Frasier
  7. Kramer
  8. Morpheus
  9. Norman
  10. Simba
  11. Sully
  12. Swanson
  13. T’Challa
  14. Yoda

female Siberian Husky dog ​​name

  1. Buffy
  2. Cooper
  3. Dory
  4. Gigi
  5. Gizmo
  6. Grace
  7. Gwen
  8. Harper
  9. Juliet
  10. Merida
  11. Nala
  12. Nana
  13. Rey
  14. Trinity

Sport-inspired Siberian Husky dog ​​name.

You may want to give the talented and intelligent dog a name associated with a true champion. You can always choose a name from the sports world in such a situation. The world of sports provides a popular inspiration for many dog ​​owners, so thinking of your favorite player or sports team is always a great option!

Unique husky names male

  1. Brady
  2. Cobb
  3. Mattingly
  4. Mickey
  5. Nolan
  6. Patriot
  7. Ranger
  8. Shaq
  9. Watt
  10. Wilson

Good female names for Siberian huskies

  1. Alex
  2. Aly
  3. Danica
  4. Jackie
  5. Maria
  6. Rousey
  7. Serena
  8. Steffi
  9. Venus
  10. Vonn

Dog Names for Huskies Final Conclusion

Remember, Huskies are highly intelligent, determined, and loyal. Try to choose a puppy name that honors their personality or heritage somehow. Every canine ​​is unique, so you probably want to know them before deciding on the right Husky dog ​​name.

Husky dog names have nothing to do with sled dogs or Alaskans, but they can if they wish. You can base your pup’s name on your favorite pastime, sports heroes, or even the size of your dog, which is always fun when naming a large dog.

You can also make good names if you name your Siberian Husky after other physical traits like their blue eyes. This is one of the best parts of owning a dog – the naming is entirely up to you!

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