Jhankhana Shah has been Serving Helpless Animals for 21 Years

Jhankhana Shah, a woman living in Ahmedabad, an Indian country, is leaving her job and serving helpless animals. Everyone loves animals, but Jhankhana Shah says that he started the work of serving the helpless animals not out of love, but because of their sorrow.

Jhankhana’s father used to give bread and biscuits to the animals every day. Like his father, she also used to give bread and biscuits to the nearby dogs. One day, during a morning walk with her father, Jhankana saw a dog whose spinal cord was broken. He could not even walk properly. Mercifully, he got this dog treated and after this incident, all the injured dogs were found, he took all the responsibilities like treatment and food.

Day by day her attachment started increasing so much that she decided in her heart that she would devote her life to the service of these helpless animals. He also got the full support of his parents.

jhankhana shah with helpless animal
jhankhana shah with helpless dogs

After the incident, the helpless dog started helping

Seeing the broken back-bone of the dog, Jhankhana became very emotional and then got the dog treated in a private veterinary hospital. After this incident, whenever Jhankhana saw the helpless stray injured dogs, she would get them treated and then make arrangements for food and drink. In this way, the people around started liking Jhankhana very much. Seeing this noble act, he was appreciated in India.

left government job to serve helpless animals

She was studying when she started serving helpless animals. After her studies, he started doing private jobs in Ahmedabad, India. Along with this, she was also associated with many NGOs working for helpless animals, from where she also started getting many types of information about them.

He also gradually learned about the rights of helpless animals and the punishments related to cruelty to them. He himself studied law, so it was easy for him to understand and ponder over all these things.

Meanwhile, Jhankhana also got a government job in GSRTC. Due to being busy for 14 hours a day in this work, she was not able to feed even two meals to the nearby dogs. Impressed by this, he left the government job within a month.

Feeds helpless stray dogs daily

According to media reports, the morning of Jhankhana starts with giving bread, biscuits, milk and other healthy food to the stray dogs on the roadside. She keeps a special watch on those dogs who are injured and crippled dogs. Because it is not easy for them to find food and eat it.

She serves those dogs by taking them to the rescue centre. Provide necessary treatment to them till they recover. Jhankana Shah, who has helped thousands of stray dogs, continues to serve even today.

Parents also support

Jhankana has now devoted her whole life to this work. For this work, Jhankhana gets the support of her parents. Presently she is also associated with NGO. She left the government job and started feeding only dogs. According to a report, she feeds about 120 dogs daily and spends about 20 thousand rupees a month to help the helpless animals. She has been helping dogs continuously for the last 21 years.

Fund for helpless animals

At present, she runs a clothing business by staying at home with her mother. Karuna Charitable Trust was started in the year 2019 with the hope of getting more funds. But till now she does the work of rescuing the dogs alone. Some of his neighbours, relatives and friends also accompany him in feeding the helpless dogs. At the same time, she gets 40 percent additional financial help through the trust, she herself bears the rest of the expenses.

Talking about the biggest challenge of her work, Jhankana says, “Everyone needs to show a little more humanity towards these helpless.”

Jhankhana Shah

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