Difference between Pet Assure and Pet Insurance

Pet Assure may be the best idea to save money on veterinary expenses. For example, Pet Assure offers 25% discounts for vet care. It is not a form of pet insurance. But It can help you save at the vet.

What is Pet Assure?

It is a veterinary discount plan that reduces the overall bill from participating veterinarians. Instead of receiving reimbursement for covered vet costs, the Pet Assure program gives you 25% when showing your membership card at checkout.

It has no exclusions for in-home medical services. It doesn’t matter how old pet is, what breed they are, or what type of in-house medical service they have received. It gives you discounts on health visits, sick visits, teeth cleanings, physical exams, X-rays, and more.

Pet Assure Veterinary Network

It is a network of participating veterinary practices to save customers. You can get a discount from a vet that participates in this network.

If your pet vet does not participate in the Pet Assure Veterinary Network, you will be responsible for the total cost of the services – unless you have a pet insurance plan.

How does the Pet Assure Program work?

You can enroll your pet online to get Pet Assure. After providing basic information, It will present you with plans. You can choose a “Single Cat” plan, a “Single Dog” plan, a “Family” plan (for 2-4 animals), or an “Unlimited” plan (for vet discounts on all household pets). Can. After that, choose between monthly payments or pay for your plan annually at a lower rate.

Pet Assure will issue you an ID card to obtain digitally. You can download Pet Assure’s app to play store your digital ID card on your phone. The app is also helpful for finding participating veterinarians in your nearby area.

You get instant coverage under your plan as soon as you get the card. It has no waiting period. All you need to do is show your physical or digital ID card to your vet at checkout to receive your 25% discount.

How Pet Assure works

Another benefit of signing up is that each member receives a unique ID tag for their pet’s collar. Its service is called ThePetTag.

If, for any reason, your pet is lost. So anyone looking for them can enter a tag number online to let you know that your pet has been found. You can then scan this database to re-add your pet’s tag. The person finding your pet can contact you or your emergency contacts directly.

It is estimated that 1 in 3 pets will be lost at some point in their lives, so this is an excellent free service for any pet parent.

Is pet Assure available everywhere?

No, you cannot use It at every vet. You can get your discount by visiting a vet within the Pet Assure Veterinary Network. There are many participating veterinarians in the network, and the company says that there are PetAssure veterinarians in all 50 US states.

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How much does pet Assure cost?

The cost depends on the location, the size of your pet, and how many pets you want to cover. Pet prices Assure start at around $6.50 per month and go up to approximately $22.00 per month, based on analysis from PavlisiAdvisor.

You can also save on monthly costs by agreeing to an annual plan, billed once per year as a lump sum payment. For example, if you want to sign up for a family plan, you can pay $149.00 (equivalent to $12.42 per month) for the entire year instead of paying $16.95 per month in regular payments.

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Difference between Pet Insurance and Pet Assure?

It is not a pet insurance plan. It is a complete exemption applicable to all in-house veterinary services at participating veterinary practices.

Unlike traditional pet insurance, there’s no waiting period for PetAssure, so you can start saving the moment you sign up. It does not limit coverage for pre-existing conditions like traditional pet insurance. You can get a discount as long as you pay for in-house veterinary services at a participating vet.

The critical difference between Pet Assure and Pet Insurance is the amount you can save. Many pets insurance plans often cover up to 90% of the cost of covered expenses, while It gives you a 25% discount for all pet veterinary services.

No deductible, claim, or exclusion.

It has no deductible or annual limit. You do not need to pay out of pocket up to a certain amount each year before you can start saving on veterinary expenses. You will never lose your remission, no matter how many times you go to the vet.

There is also no process for claims. 

There are also no exclusions for what is included in veterinary services. If you pay for medical services received in-house by your vet, you can claim a 25% discount. Many pet insurance companies may have breed and age restrictions on coverage, but Pet Assure is not the case.

Most importantly, you can still get a 25% discount for treating pre-existing conditions.

Note: Some pet insurance plans do not allow you to combine their coverage with other deductibles, so you may need to choose a good one or the other when it comes time to pay your vet. In most cases, you will also want to use pet insurance and opt for pet Assure only when paying for a pre-existing condition or routine care.

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