Since 1995, Pet Assure Insurance has changed the way parents of pets view pet insurance. Pet Assure describes as a “pet insurance option,” more like a vet care discount program than an actual pet insurance company. This company claims to provide coverage for all animal species and offers discounts on applicable services for participating veterinarians.

One of the primary points of Pet Assure Insurance is its “simple pricing” system. 

What does Pet Assure Insurance cover?

Pet Assure offers discounts on all medical pet care provided by in-network veterinarians, with no limit to the number of discounts you can receive. Services you can get a discount on include:

  • regular health exam
  • Vaccines
  • stool examination
  • laboratory work
  • Dental care, including X-rays and cleanings
  • emergency exam
  • X-ray
  • surgical procedures, such as tumor removal and ligament repair.

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Pet Assure Customer Service

If you need assistance, you can contact Pet Assure at 888-789-7387.

Customer service is 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. EST Monday through Friday.

Pet Assure insurance cost.

Its cost is often a deciding factor in which pet parent decides to go with which company. Pet parents typically look for affordable insurance companies that provide the most coverage for their buck.

Pet Assure only has four basic plans and does not offer any packages or add-ons at this time. Although it is significantly cheaper than an insurance company, Pet Assure does not cover the veterinary costs. Pet Assure allows a 25% discount on qualifying services to policyholders only.

Plan options

The cost of Pet Assure varies depending on the plan option you choose:

  1. A cat costs $8.45 per month
  2. Price of a dog $10.15 per month
  3. A family plan covering two to four animals costs $14.40 per month
  4. An unlimited plan that covers every pet in your household expenses $18.65 per month

Where is Pet Assure Available?

Pet Assure has partnered with participating veterinarians in all 50 United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. However, you may want to check with pet veterinarians in your area before getting involved.

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How do I file a claim with Pet Assure Insurance?

Interestingly, Pet Assure doesn’t require clients to file a claim – instead, the vet applies a discount at the time of service. The company says that it has thousands of participating clinics and a coverage network spanning the entire US and some regions.

Like all pet health insurance companies, the pet Assure discount will not apply to grooming services, doggy daycare, house calls, or dog food. The plan does not cover clinical trials sent to laboratories or a drug.

Providers not in the Pet Assure network will not offer a 25% discount, which means some new customers will need to change vets to get the benefits of this plan. The website has a provider location tool to find local vets in their network. Don’t feel like switching vets? The program is Sure free for providers to join, and you can send the vet an invitation link to enter the pet Assure program at no charge.

What does Pet Assure Insurance cover?

Pet Assure offers discounts for many conditions not covered by traditional pet health insurance policies, such as treatment for pregnant dogs or congenital conditions. According to their website, members will receive a 25% discount on all services by their veterinary partners.


Pet Assure will waive the cost of treatment for any illness, whether new or chronic, your pet may experience under their plan.

Wellness visits 

One of the benefits of this wellness plan includes check-ups, shots, and routine lab work at no extra cost. Keep always in your mind that Pet Assure will not discount services outside its network, including laboratory outsourcing.

Pet pregnancy

Another aspect of Pet Assure’s coverage is the discounts on pregnancy-related treatments, including ultrasound, C-section, and delivery.

surgery and cancer treatment

Membership discounts also apply to more invasive procedures such as surgery and intravenous chemotherapy treatments, which can be quite expensive out of pocket.

In-patient stays 

Whether your dog requires a one-day or 30-day stay at the vet hospital, Pet Assure ensures that active customers will receive a standard discount on their bills.

How to Apply for Pet Assure Insurance?

All large and small pets are eligible for pet insurance, regardless of their health history, age, species, or breed. Pet Assure will not cover commercial livestock or animals used for fur and wool. Online application is a straightforward 2-step process. You’ll choose the plan option, then enter your personal information and credit card number. That’s it. You will receive a confirmation email, and they will issue you a link to print your temporary print assure card.

Waiting period for Pet Assure Insurance?

Pet Assure’s website states that it covers pets from the get-go, and pet parents are eligible for a discount as soon as enrollment is complete. Although it will take a week to almost ten days for your official card to arrive in the mail, Pet Assure gives all customers the option to print a temporary card on the spot after enrollment.

Pet Assure Insurance Review

Pet Assure is accredited by the Business Bureau, but not by Consumer Affairs. The BBB gives this company a B+ rating, and some of the reviews on this site are generally positive. There also aren’t many reviews of Pet Assure on Consumer Affairs, but the reviews out there are overwhelmingly negative.

Some customers say they like this discount program because it covers a variety of species and can be used in addition to pet Assure insurance for the remaining veterinary costs. Other reviewers praise this company for excellent customer service and willingness to help if they have problems with participating providers.

Is Pet Assure Insurance Right for your Dog?

This company eliminates the hassle of filing a claim and reimbursement waiting period, making it convenient for pet owners short on time and want instant savings. Many customers find Pet Assure’s payment plans more financially manageable than full-coverage pet insurance policies, which often range from $70 to $150 monthly.

One downside of the Pet Assure plan is that it doesn’t cover some pet health insurance policies, which means you’ll have to spend a bit for more invasive procedures like operations.

If you anticipate that your dog’s vet bills you can pay out of pocket, you may need to see a different coverage provider. New members have a 45-day refund period if they are unsatisfied with the service.

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