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Paris Hilton’s dog lover has made a living in reality TV, fashion, and music throughout her acting career. Hotel successor Paris Hilton is one of the most modest. Hilton is believed to have an extensive store of wealth. She spends a good part of it raising her dogs.

Hilton is so passionate about raising dogs that she spent over $325,000 to build her dog mansion right next to an exclusive dog mansion.

Paris Hilton Bought Her Dogs a Mansion

Hilton built her own doghouse for her five dogs, but not a typical doghouse. He spent $320,000 on a special mansion for his dogs.

 In line with a luxurious home, the dog mansion includes two floors, air-conditioning, and a staircase leading to a staircase, a closet for their clothes, a balcony, furniture, crown molding, and a chandelier. It’s safe to say that all of Hilton’s dogs are living a life of luxury.

Situated next to its in-ground pool, this dog mansion is built in a Spanish Colonial style. Hilton says it is a replica of her own house. 

The interior is painted pink with black accents, reflects Hilton’s own style, and features a beautiful black wrought-iron fence around the perimeter to keep her dogs on the property.

Hilton has had at least two cats and five dogs, and several other animals have been in the limelight throughout their time. 

Hilton partnered with nail polish company Nail & Bone, which donates a small portion of all its sales to help homeless animals find homes. Paris Hilton also has her own Instagram account @parishilton for pets.

Meet Paris Hilton’s dogs!

It’s clear that the Paris Hilton NY socialite is an amazing dog mom, and over the years, members of her four-legged family have accompanied her everywhere, all while living the most luxurious canine lifestyle. 

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

Paris Hilton’s dog Peter Pan, the Chihuahua, is her best fur puppy. The heiress is known to often fall in puppy love and pamper their puppies as much as their best friends. He was rarely seen without Tinkerbell as of late, before his unfortunate passing in January 2015, and two recently adopted Pomeranian puppies for a 25K.

Paris Hilton’s Miniature Pinscher Dollar

Dollar the Miniature Pincher is saved by Paris Hilton. Known as the king of toys for their plush looks and confident attitude, miniature pinschers are energetic, fearless, and alert companion dogs. Those who enjoy the company of their family to the fullest. They can adapt to life even in a large apartment, but because of their high energy, they need a lot of exercises.

Paris Hilton’s dog Mugsy

Paris Hilton’s Pug. Pugs are happy and affectionate, playful and mischievous, loyal and charming. They are very intelligent pups. However, they can be willful, which makes training challenging.

Paris Hilton’s dog Dolce

A tiny Chihuahua, Paris named it Dolce. She is the daughter of Prada in a family of pets.

Paris Hilton’s dog Prada

Prada is Dolce’s mom. Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua. Dolce the Chihuahua. Dolce is Prada’s daughter.

Harajuku Bitch

Paris adopted this Pomeranian while shopping in Japan. Harajuku bitches are known for their expensive shockin’ taste. The reason behind this is also believed to be that Paris Hilton has posted many pictures of her rocking designer looks.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is a blonde Pomeranian. Paris is a big fan of this and decided to celebrate the Queen with her beloved Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe often appears in the pictures of Paris Hilton.

Prince Baby Bear

Prince Baby Bear was adopted by Paris during a visit to Japan. Baby Bear is a Pomeranian breed puppy, and he is so fluffy and adorable that it is hard to believe he is even a real puppy!

Prince Hilton, The Pom

Prince Hilton, The Pom is a cute little Pomeranian cupcake. Its birth name was Mr Amazing, but Paris Hilton later changed the name after crowdsourcing. This puppy is known for being an expensive celebrity puppy. The Kap-pom loves to be in front of the camera and has done many of her photoshoots with Paris.

Princess Paris Jr.

This is Princess Paris Jr. That Pomeranian is also a dog with a cup of tea. The Teacup Pomeranian is known to be a very loyal breed. And they are always ready to do anything for their master. These breeds are very willful and therefore avoid becoming lap dogs.

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