Monkeys killing dogs, A strange incident has happened in India. Two monkeys have killed 250 dogs. According to ANI, the monkeys have avenged the killing of the newborn monkey. If you want to get detailed info about the killing of monkeys, keep reading this article until the end because we will discuss this incident.

Country – India

State – Maharashtra

District – Beed

Partition – Aurangabad

The incident – killed around 250 dogs by two monkeys to take revenge.

In the fire of revenge, the monkeys took the lives of 250 dogs.

Sometimes such incidents happen, which take people by surprise. One such incident remains a topic of discussion all over India these days. In fact, in Majalgaon of Beed district of Maharashtra, a group of monkeys took the lives of about 250 dogs in the pursuit of revenge. This killing of dogs by monkeys has been going on for about a month.

The villagers are pretty shocked by this incident. Villagers say that now the situation has become such that there is no single dog left in the village. Now the monkeys have started targeting the school-going children in anger. Due to this reason, there is an atmosphere of panic in the entire area.

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Why did monkeys start killing dogs?

There is a story behind it. Villagers say that this ‘gang war’ started when some dogs killed a monkey baby. After this, the monkeys also started killing dogs to take revenge. On seeing the dogs, they drag them and throw them away.

This matter has become so much discussed that people have started enjoying it on social media and sharing different types of funny memes.

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Monkeys killing dogs

Laval is a village in the Beed district, where dogs were slaughtered. The town’s local people said that the monkeys have gone mad for the last few days, killing the puppies. Whenever the monkeys saw a puppy, they would grab it and take it to the highest place to throw it away to kill the puppy.

People’s reaction to monkeys killing dogs

After this strange incident, it has become a topic of discussion among the villagers, officials, and meme makers.

The killing of around 250 dogs has caused massive outrage among the citizens. Some take the incident seriously, and some take it very lightly.

Everyone should keep in mind that killing dogs is not an excuse; it hurts to hear about it. That being killed by monkeys can be harmful to every person. This incident uncovers the truth about monkeys; they can also be dangerous if they feel that we have harmed them with some activity.

As I write in this article, I will not consider it possible. We must understand this to take revenge if they killed the puppies today. Maybe they will become more aggressive in the future even they try to hurt humans. To be safe from this, we need to work for our society.

Questions to ask

Why do two monkeys in India kill around 250 dogs?

Two monkeys kill about 250 dogs or puppies in India for revenge.

What is the reason behind the killing of around 250 puppies or dogs?

A dog killed a little monkey; then, two monkeys killed 250 puppies in revenge.

Final thought 

After reading this article info, we hope you will get a detailed story about Monkey Killing Dogs. More information will be available. Even after reading this article info, if you have any questions or queries related to this strange phenomenon in your mind. Ask by commenting below.

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