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Kylie Jenner dog lover is a successful model-turned-businessman with a particular affinity for dogs and one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world. Kylie is the founder and owner of American celebrity Kylie Cosmetics.

 Of all the genres, she is the only one consistent in collecting a large number of pets one after the other. She may be the youngest in her family, but her love for dogs is unmatched. In today’s feature, we look at several of Kylie’s dogs.

Kylie Jenner is one of the internet’s wealthiest and most loved celebrities. Read on and check out Kylie Jenner’s nine dogs and their history with them.

Kylie Jenner dog names

Kylie Jenner has nine pets for which she is solely responsible, while she co-owns others. Kevin, Norman, Bambi, Harley, Rosie, Wesley, Penny, Ernie, Sophia, and Odie. However, we all know that figure could change anytime Kylie wakes up one fine morning and decides it’s time to bring home another dog.

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What kind of dog does Kylie Jenner have?

What kind of dog does Kylie Jenner have?

  • In February 2021, Kylie added her ninth dog to her home.
  • Kylie Jenner dog Kevin breed is an Italian greyhound
  • Kylie announced the news with an Instagram post: “Kevin” of the gray and white pup.
  • Kylie also posted two Instagram stories of the puppy: “Kevin! Kev! You’re so cute!”
  • Kevin is Kylie’s first child to join the family tradition of the name Kay.
  • The new puppy joins Kylie Jenner with nine other dogs: Kevin, Norman, Bambi, Sophia, Odie, Ernie, Penny, Harley, and Rosie.

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What breed is Kylie Jenner’s new dog?


This Chihuahua baby was there when Kylie was little. If you’ve seen the popular “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” you’ve probably seen it countless times.

Kylie named the Lip Kit shade after her dog. “He said on his app. That I named Dolce K after her from the Kylie Lip Kit.”

Although the dog is dead, we decided to show it so that you get an idea of ​​where Kylie’s love for dogs may have started. Kylie loved dogs so much that she named one of her makeup products the Lip Kit after the dog.

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Kylie Jenner Louis and Vuitton

Kendall and Kylie got two Lab puppies for Christmas in 2011. Kylie had fallen in love with the puppies before she started leaving herself. In 2011. She and Kendall jointly adopted two Lab puppies in December.

It is not known precisely where they went as they have not been seen in any of their latest photos or appearances. Some speculate that he may have been taken in by other family members, perhaps Leah and Brandon, who both got along well.

Kylie Jenner Norman and Bambi

Kylie Jenner dog
Kylie Jenner dog Norman and Bambi

Norman was adopted in 2014 and quickly adapted to a lavish lifestyle. Things must have been good for the two, seeing Jenner go for Norman’s sister Bambi in 2015.

Norman Jenner, a tiny Italian Greyhound, is a favorite of Kylie. She even made her (and sister Bambi!) her Instagram account, @normieandbambijenner. – Which has 375.2k followers so far. It hasn’t been updated in almost one year, although Norman still makes frequent appearances on Kylie’s social media. He seems to be Kylie’s right hand in everything dog-related. It’s safe to say that Norman takes a shot at Kylie’s house.

Kylie Jenner dog Sofia

Norman and Bambi, Sophia is also a Greyhound who was adopted into Kylie’s fast-growing dog family in 2015. Well, there must be something about this breed that Kylie can’t get enough of. Could it be that these dogs are the calmest and quiet of all dog breeds? Or is it eye-catching faces that drive you to love them more?

Rosie and Harley puppies Kylie Jenner

Want to guess the breed of two dogs? You said Greyhound, didn’t you? Of course, they are. If you own a Greyhound, we’d love to get your perspective on it in the comments section below.

Harley and Rosie are the puppies Norman and Bambi kept together. So yes, these are two Italian Greyhounds. As you’d expect, allowing them new arrivals was the last thing on Kylie’s mind. She is with him even today.

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Kylie Jenner puppy Odie

Odie is a beautiful Dachshund who joined “Team Kylie” in 2016. He is so good-looking and charming that when you hold him, you will not want to put him down.

It’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian has also fallen for him. When they arrived, it looked like Odie had taken matters of Kardashian’s life into her own hands. The pictures Kylie, Kris, and Kim, took almost made their eyes go blind.

puppy Ernie 

Ernie is a long-haired Dachshund who Kylie Jenner adopted in July 2016. He is cute, and gentle and you will never get tired of playing or hugging him.

Penny joined the family shortly after Ernie’s arrival. Penny was immediately reunited with her older brothers and sisters, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Kylie Jenners dog Jackson 

Kendall and Kylie adopted a dog named Jackson on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. His plot arc was short, and we have no evidence of Jackson today. He was last seen on Instagram in 2012.

The Wesley is a mix of Dachshund and Chihuahua. She is one of the latest to join Kylie’s growing family of dogs.

Kylie and her best friend Jordyn Woods jointly decided to adopt a dog in 2019. How lucky can a dog be? Two parents who are best friends and growing up is not very often in the dog world.

Roli related to Kylie’s boyfriend, Tyga.

There’s some air of mystery surrounding Roli’s ownership, but just to let you know, we decided to include her. There are speculations that he is related to Kylie’s boyfriend, Tyga.

But even this is not the primary source of controversy about Roli. Roli is worth $50,000. Who would dare spend so much money for the love of a dog? You are thinking, aren’t you?

Well, as you have heard time and again, love is a beautiful thing.

Kylie Jenner dog breed and How much worth it?

Over the years, celebrities have adopted the world’s distinctive dog breeds, buying the most expensive pets money can buy. From Kylie Jenner’s $50,000 Bulldog puppy to popular species like the Shiba Inu, the menswear dog that brought Internet fame, the kylie Jenner dog price for these poochies can reach eye-watering levels.

Of the pets, we’ve listed here, which is your personal favorite? 

How many dogs does Kylie Jenner have in 2022?

Kylie Jenner has nine pets for which she is solely responsible, while she co-owns others. Kevin, Norman, Bambi, Harley, Rosie, Wesley, Penny, Ernie, Sophia, and Odie.

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