Healthy Dogs Tips The Easy Way To Fat For Dogs

Healthy Dogs every dog ​​owner wants his dog to be healthy, challenging, and strong and whose dog owner’s dogs are thin and weak. There is only one question in their mind how to make a dog healthy or make your dog healthy. How does one become a fat friend? We are going to tell you about this topic.

A healthy and healthy dog ​​has a positive effect on the watchers and is also essential from a safety point of view. There are many ways to make a pup healthy, with the help of which you can increase your dog’s weight to make him fit.

High-Quality Food for healthy Dogs

For high health, weight, and healthy body, it is imperative that you give your dog a high nutritional and quality diet to ensure their physical and mental development.

Many different dog food brands are available in the market, and all describe their dog food as better than others. In such a situation, you have to choose a food with all the nutrients needed to keep the dog healthy.

1. While taking any dog ​​food, it is essential to confirm the fat, protein, and vitamins. If you want to increase your puppies weight, choose food with high fat and protein.

2. Check the ingredients like chicken, lamb, egg, Solomon, pork, pumpkin in the food given to your dog as all these help increase the weight and health of the dog. 

dog food quantity for healthy dogs

Increasing the amount of food is also a great option to make your dog healthier and gain weight. If you feed your puppy twice a day, you feed him three times a day.

And if you already feed your dog three times a day, increase the amount of food. Increase the amount of food your dog can eat. Otherwise, he may have a problem like vomiting.

Keep in mind that as you change the amount and schedule of meals. So there are changes in the dog’s stool, for which you have to be prepared. Along with over-feeding, walking and exercising the dog regularly is also necessary. Otherwise, your dog may become overweight.

Puppy Health Supplements

The growth rate of dogs is many times higher than that of humans, and during this time, you must maintain the dog’s health. For which you need to give them food containing more nutrients and vitamins. Which is not entirely available from typical food.

To make up for this, you can take the help of health supplements. It provides high-quality calories, protein, fat in sufficient quantity needed for the growing body of the dog; it helps in the growth of the dog’s weight and muscle mass, and energy provides. To the body does.

Beneficial human food for dogs

Friends, the food we eat is also a perfect diet; this food is readily available in every home to make any dog ​​healthy and fat. As we want our dog to gain weight and be healthy, he needs to be given specific things to let us know what they are.

Egg for healthy dogs

The egg is an excellent source of high protein and fat, which is beneficial for weight gain.


Chicken is a staple food for non-vegetarians. Protein, fat, cholesterol, vitamin B-6, and more calories are abundant. Therefore, if you want to increase your dog’s weight, then definitely include it in your dog’s diet.

You don’t give the raw chicken to your dog; I cook it well by adding salt to taste in water and whatever food you give it together, especially take care that before cooking chicken, its skin and bones remove and separate.

Cottage Cheese

You all must know about Chhena, which is mainly used for making sweets and dishes. Chenna can be a perfect diet that will help you make your dog healthy and gain weight. It contains many vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats; give your dog by mixing it in daily food.

changing your dog’s diet

Suppose you have been trying to make your dog healthy and gain weight for a long time and have tried many ways. But if there are still no positive results, then you need to make changes in your dog’s diet.

Changes in the food will have to be done so that if you give homemade food to your dog, then make some changes in it such as meat, chicken, egg, milk, chhena, etc.

And you have several options if you give your dog packaged food. I provide dog food according to the size and age of the dog significantly to increase the dog’s weight. You choose such dog food that contains excessive fat, like chicken, one, pork, and lamb meat components. 

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Deworming for healthy dogs

Friends, deworming is a fundamental process to keep any dog ​​healthy and healthy; friends, the primary purpose of deworming is to kill the worms present in the dog’s stomach if you do not do proper deworming of your dog, they may lose motion. Complaints like diarrhea. Due to this, they remain fragile and sick.

In such a situation, no matter how much good food you give to your dog, it will not be beneficial for their body. Because the worms present in the dog’s stomach hinder the development of the dog’s body, resulting in an impact on the height of the dog’s health.

nutritional supplements in dog food

A dog needs a variety of nutrients for its full development. To ensure the dog’s physical and mental growth and development, he must get all the nutrients in a balanced quantity.

To make the dog fat, you must give them different types of food so that the dog can get the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantity. Let us know what essential nutrients are needed to make a dog fat and healthy.

Calcium for healthy dogs

You must be aware that the structure of bones and teeth is made up of calcium. Therefore, if you want to make your dog fat, choose such food in which the amount of calcium is present as per the requirement, which makes the dog’s bones strong and provides protection.

Because only a dog with a strong bone structure will be able to bear healthy body weight, if the dog’s body is heavy and the bones are weak, it is a matter of concern for you and your dog, leading to severe diseases in the future. ,


Different types of vitamins are needed for the full development of the dog. And it is necessary to ensure the physical and mental growth and development of the dog. They got all the vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C. C, Vitamin D Vitamin K should be obtained in balanced amounts.


The primary first function of carbohydrates is to provide energy to the body and, at the same time,

It helps in maintaining body heat and strength. Therefore the food given to the dog must contain carbohydrates, which increases the dog’s energy level.

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