German shepherd puppy diet chart & homemade food

What to a German Shepherd puppy diet? To keep a German Shepherd Dog physically and mentally healthy, you need to give him highly nutritious and the best food. You can also give branded packaged dog food or homemade food to the German Shepherd in food.

German Shepherd puppy is one of the most popular breeds in India and across the world. And most of the people in India like to keep a German Shepherd Dog. German Shepherds are very intelligent, active, strong, and powerful. Their average weight is between 30 to 40 kg.

Through this article, we will know in detail about the diet plan or food of the German Shepherd. So that with the help of which you can choose the best food for your German Shepherd dog, then let us know.

What Nutrients Does a German Shepherd Puppy Need?

Since the German Shepherd puppy is a medium-large dog breed, it requires a large quantity of protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, and mineral elements like other dogs. And whenever you choose food for a German Shepherd puppy, make sure it contains all these nutrients.


Fat is an essential nutrient for the physical development and nutrition of a German Shepherd puppy diet. Like protein, it provides energy to the body. And it is a vital element for the growth of muscles, cells, tissues, and nerves. And it also makes the food tasty.

A growing German Shepherd puppy diet needs eight percent fat. Instead, an adult German Shepherd dog only needs five percent fat. However, excess fat can also make a German Shepherd fat and lazy. And it can cause problems like heart, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

On the other hand, if the German Shepherd Puppy is not given fat according to the need. So it can also lead to weakness, fatigue, and problems related to skin and hair.

Calories are important

A calorie is a basic unit of energy, and a German Shepherd is a powerful, agile, and agile dog, which requires a high-calorie diet to keep it solid and fast. Calories are a significant source of energy.

To always keep the German Shepherd Dog energetic, you have to choose such food. In which calories are present in high quantity.

But if a German Shepherd puppy is given high calories. If physical activity is not done according to him, it will get stored in fat in his body.


Protein makes this German Shepherd puppy’s muscles and immune system strong. And keeps the musculoskeletal system healthy. Essential for building and repairing new muscles.

A growing German Shepherd dog requires 22 percent protein. In comparison, an adult German Shepherd puppy diet requires 18 percent protein.


Fiber is a very important nutrient. Which German Shepherd Puppy Should I Eat? It helps in keeping the dog digestive system healthy. And a high-fiber diet strengthens a German Shepherd puppy’s digestive system. And it is convenient for me to digest it.

Omega 3 fatty acids 6

Omega 3 fatty acids are an important element in the nutrition of German Shepherds. It is an important nutrient for skin, eyes, hair, and brain development.

This serves as calories for the German Shepherd. And this ensures the growth rate of a growing German Shepherd. And makes the hair coat healthy and helps in strengthening the immune system.

Best food for german shepherd puppy diet 

After keeping a German Shepherd Puppy, there is always a dilemma in mind: What will be German Shepherd Puppy’s nutritious diet? If you choose homemade food for a German Shepherd puppy diet. So you will need enough time to make it. And it is a bit difficult to balance the number of nutrients in homemade food.

But if you are short of time and want to give nutrient-rich food to German Shepherd puppies. So you can resort to branded packaged dog food.

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Important Points to Remember When Choosing Food for German Shepherd Puppies

1. If you have just had a German puppy over three weeks old. That’s why he needs to give you starter food. But before feeding this food, you have to provide the same food to the German Shepherd for the first seven days, which was given to him. And after that, slowly start giving starter.

It contains a best high quantity of fat and protein, which are very important for the physical development of a newborn German Shepherd puppy. Keep in mind that you should also give water to the German Shepherd puppy along with this meal. You can provide both regular and hot water. But if it is winter, provide hot water only.

You will need to introduce starter food to German Shepherd puppies for three to four months. Starter foods are readily available in the market of almost every trusted company.

2. After three months, you need to transfer the German Shepherd to puppy food. Nutrients like calcium, iron, phosphorus, omega-six fatty acids are present in the required quantity in puppy food.

All these nutrients help maintain healthy bones and teeth and ensure brain development. And omega-six fatty acids are essential for hair growth and help keep healthy skin.

This puppy food should be given to German Shepherds from nine to eleven months old.

Adult German shepherd puppy diet plan

3. When the age of the German Shepherd is more than ten months. Hence he needs to be given a balanced diet. German Shepherd puppy dogs need to be given adult food in the dog food category at this age.

The food of an adult dog contains all the essential nutrients in a balanced quantity. Because a German Shepherd dog needs twice as much calcium, two and a half times more iron, and nine times more vitamins than a human. And a fully balanced diet is an excellent food for an adult German Shepherd dog.

How often does a german shepherd puppy eat

The duration of feeding a German Shepherd puppy can vary according to his age, weight, and size. But in general, a German Shepherd puppy should be provided a small quantity of food four times a day for the first five months. You should give this food at regular intervals of 3-4 hours.

A 5-10-month-old German Shepherd puppy needs to be fed three times a day. And a German Shepherd puppy with more than this should be given food twice a day. Keep in mind that water should also be provided in sufficient quantity along with food.

Keep in mind how many times a day you feed a German Shepherd Puppy. According to him, if the German Shepherd Puppy is overweight. So you have to cut down on the duration of the meal. Meaning if I were giving food thrice a day, you would have to give it twice.

Instead, if the German Shepherd puppy’s weight is relatively less than usual, that’s why you should give more and more food during the day. For example, if you feed a German Shepherd puppy twice a day, you need to provide him three times.

German shepherd puppy diet quantity

The quantity of food for a German Shepherd puppy is not fixed; it may vary according to his age, size, weight, and digestive power.

German Shepherd Puppy Dogs overgrow over 4 to 10 months. And with increasing age, you also need to increase the quantity of German Shepherd puppy diet.

The quantity of food you eat after about every seven to ten days. Be sure to increase it by 15-20%.

Because German Shepherd Puppy is a medium-large dog breed, it must be given sufficient food. But many people give their German Shepherd Puppy a certain quantity of food, which is wrong.

Even if he has a little food left, there is nothing to worry about. But he should not be short of food. Lack of food can affect his physical and mental development.

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Homemade Food for German Shepherd Puppy

When it comes to house feeding a German Shepherd, therefore, due to lack of information, there is a dilemma in the mind of many people whether we can provide homemade food to German Shepherd.

What to feed a German Shepherd puppy with homemade food? So let’s know what the diet of German Shepherd Puppy is at home?

Chicken and Meats

Chicken and beef are important sources of fat and protein and are a nutritious diet for German Shepherd dogs. It is best to give German Shepherd chicken or meat.

This means that the German Shepherd should be given boiled and boneless meat or chicken. Because of the way we consume chicken or meat, there are many oil and spices in it. If we give it to a German Shepherd, it can be harmful.


Plenty of fiber is found in fruits. It is an excellent source of fiber, which is extremely helpful for a German Shepherd puppy’s digestion. Fruit is never a complete diet for a German Shepherd; it is an addition.

What fruits should be fed to a German Shepherd?

Apple, Banana, Pomegranate, Melon, Cucumber, Watermelon, Mango, Gram, Vegetable, which can be fed fruits to German Shepherd puppy dogs.

What fruits should not be fed to German Shepherds?

Remember that you do not have to give grapes and avocado fruits and seeds; you only have to provide them from sources.

The way we feed many peeled and peeled fruits to children. Similarly, the German Shepherd also needs to be provided.


Eggs are rich in protein, iron, and amino acids, which are very important for the health of a German Shepherd.

Because the German Shepherd is a medium-large breed, you can give it a boiled egg in the morning and evening.


Homemade plain rice can also be given to German Shepherds. It is an easily digestible food.

Be careful not to give German Shepherds brown rice and red rice, as it can be difficult for them to digest.


Oats are also a great option. This is a nutritious and light food to feed a German Shepherd, easily digested by a German Shepherd.

Oats can be given to German Shepherds with warm water or warm milk. Keep in mind that do not use salt and sugar in oats.

Note: German Shepherd puppies are different from humans, and their eating and digestion processes are different from those of humans. And human food can sometimes be harmful to dogs. Homemade food does not entirely fulfill the essential nutrients.

What should not be given to a German Shepherd puppy in diet?

Often we unknowingly feed German Shepherd puppies some such things, which may harm them. So what are some things that should not be given to a German Shepherd puppy diet?

Baby food, chocolate, onions and garlic, and raw eggs, meat, or chicken because it is natural food.

The digestive system takes a lot of time and effort to digest raw food. And in such a situation, the stomach of the German Shepherd Puppy can also be upset, and apart from this, you do not need to give it fish and chicken bones.

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