Your nearest 24-hour emergency vet is in Macallan, AL. Quickly Find Chip Emergency Animal Hospital. Find Chip Emergency Animal Hospital quickly. Our team in Macallan makes it easy to find an emergency vet based on top customer ratings and reviews. Find the nearest Emergency Mobile Pet Hospital, or Animal Hospital.

 Animal Hospital in Macallan, AL
Animal Hospital in Macallan, AL

McAdory Veterinary Clinic (Macallan, AL)

Rating 4.6 out of 504 reviews

Address: 4829 McAdory School Road, McCalla, 35111
Phone: (205) 424-7387

Emergency Services: Veterinary services, specialities in Cat & Dog Care, Diagnostics, Pet Dental Care, Surgical Procedures, Pet Physical Therapy and Pet Oncology. Pet Chemotherapy, Pocket Pet Care, USDA Certified Veterinarian, Pet Health Certificates, Pet Prescription Refills and Pharmacy & Pet Products. See detail

Emma scott

By Emma scott

The Care4Dog website aims to simplify the search for quality pet care and animal hospital emergency medical services in the United States as well as other countries. The Care4Dog website was founded by dog ​​lover Emma Scott, who has always wanted to provide the highest standard of care for pet dogs.

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