Dogs Hair fall out Reasons and Solutions

The dog’s hair fall in dogs is very common, but if not properly treated and taken care of at the right time. Then the problem can become even more serious and worrying. It is almost impossible to imagine the beauty of a dog without hair.

So dear readers, in this article, we will know why dogs fall due to hair falls. If a dog has the problem of hair loss, then how to deal with it and by which means you can get your dog rid of this problem.

Why is a dog’s hair falling out?

Dog hair loss can have many different causes, which is important to confirm. Only after the cause is confirmed will you treat your dog correctly.

lack of cleanliness

One of the major causes of hair fall in dogs is dirt, so regular care and physical cleaning of every dog ​​is very important—especially the breed of long-haired dogs whose beauty is by their hair.

Therefore dogs must be bathed thoroughly at regular intervals. The hair should be brushed so that unnecessary dust, soil, lice, and fleas stuck between their coats come out.

Nutritional deficiencies dog hair fall problem

A dog’s body requires different nutrients for overall growth and development. In the same way, many nutrients are explicitly needed for hair growth.

The most important is Biotin, Omega 3, Omega 6, and Fatty Acids. All these nutrients play a role in the overall growth of hair. A lack of all these nutrients can also lead to dog hair loss.

Skin allergies dog hair fall problem

dog hair fall problem
dog hair fall problem

Most dog hair loss problems are due to skin allergies. This leads to excessive itching and falling.

The leading causes of skin allergies can also be weather changes, changes in food, exposure to lice, fleas and ticks, and genetics, which must be recognized and treated at the right time by a veterinarian.

Bathing disorder

Many people mistake showing more love and care for their dogs than they bathe their dogs daily in the summer or on regular days. Due to this, the pH level of their skin is affected.

Due to the affected pH level, the hair roots become weak, and hair fall starts. According to veterinarians, it is appropriate to bathe an average dog only once weekly. You can do regular brushing of dogs to clean the hair.


If you have a dog, you must know how important deworming is for dogs’ health and full development. And if the dog is not dewormed, it affects its health and the dog’s hair, leading to hair fall.

Due to a lack of proper deworming, dogs tend to lose hair. Physical health is affected, and there may be complaints such as weight loss, frequent diarrhoea, loss of appetite, and dirt from the eyes.

Bacterial or fungal infections

Bacterial and fungal infections are also severe and prevalent causes of dog hair loss. Being fungal or bacterial, the main reason is a change in weather or parasitism.

Due to the infection, the dog’s skin becomes red, and there are pimples and rash at that place. As the problem progresses, blood and sticky substances also start flowing from it, and the dog also has a lot of itching. There is a lot of hair falling in one place.

Shading dogs hair fall problem

Old and damaged hair of dogs falls out naturally once or twice a year. Which occurs in spring and early winter. This is called shedding, a normal and natural process for every dog.

But if the hair is falling for more days, then you need to consult your dog’s vet.

Take these precautions to protect the dog from hair fall.

dog hair fall problem
dog hair fall problem

Friends, there are some such mistakes in the daily routine. Those who knowingly or unknowingly have to respect every dog ​​at some point or the other. Due to this, dogs have to face the problem of hair loss. To avoid such a situation, you must keep these things in mind. Some precautions, with the help of which you can save your dog from hair loss.

Incomplete information

Friends, many people who keep dogs for the first time, or those who do not have any knowledge related to dog maintenance. He takes care of his dog like a human, which is wrong.

The process of eating, drinking, and caring for a dog is entirely different from that of humans which every dog ​​owner needs to know about. Only then will you be able to care for your dog and keep them healthy properly.

Food dogs hair fall problem

Food is one of the dogs’ basic needs, and many people eat different food in the desire for good health for their dogs. Foods keep changing, putting them at risk of developing food allergies.

The most common problem of food allergies is itching. The dog’s hair falls out, so if you want to change your dog’s food, you should consult a vet or gradually change the food over time, which is the right way. ,

Skin Moisture

This is a natural thing, if a dog has strong hair, it will not fall out, and it is necessary for strong hair. But many people start drying their hair with a blower or hair dryer immediately after bathing their dog.

The blower dries the dog’s hair falls, but its side effects are visible on its skin. And the skin becomes dry; due to dry skin, the hair roots become weak. Due to this, the dog’s hair falls, and there is also the problem of dandruff.

Nutrient Supplementation

As you may know, hair growth requires nutrients like omega 6, omega 3, and fatty acids, so for good healthy hair, you must include all these nutrients in your dog’s diet.

To supply nutrients, choose foods that contain all these nutrients. Or you can also use your dog’s readymade dog food. In which all these nutrients are available in a balanced quantity. You can also use hair growth supplements. In which all the nutrients necessary for hair growth are present.

Prevent dog hair fall with these measures

dogs' hair fall
dogs’ hair fall

Hair fall in dogs is a sign of deterioration of skin allergies, a severe health problem. There are many home and medical remedies available to stop hair fall, with the help of which you can stop dog hair falls.

Linseed oil dogs’ hair fall problem

Flaxseed is a natural source of rich omega-3 and fatty acids, which makes hair strong, shiny, and very helpful for hair growth. You can use it to stop your dog’s hair fall.

Mix linseed oil in a spoonful of food twice a day, whose benefits you will see within three to four weeks.

Apple Vinegar 

It is also a great option. To prevent hair loss in dogs, the most common causes of hair loss are bacterial and fungal infections, and apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial and fungal properties.

Which helps in fighting infection and preventing hair fall. Apply cider vinegar to the affected area with a cotton swab or spray and avoid contact with the dog’s eyes and wounds while applying the vinegar.

Olive oil for dogs’ hair fall problem

Olive oil is known for its unique properties containing saturated fats Omega 3, Omega 6, and up to 73% oleic acid, which provides strength and protection to the hair and helps retain the moisture of the skin and hair. It prevents it from flowing.

Apply it to the dog’s hair fall and massage it with light hands. Do this process daily, using which after a few days you will start seeing its benefits, and it also gives relief in itching caused by the dog.

change in diet

Friends, as we have mentioned earlier, the most common cause of hair loss in dogs is allergies. If the allergy is caused by food, you need to make changes in its food.

You should give your dog hypoallergic food for a few days by changing the food. Or, after the allergy has been confirmed, the dog may be given food other than the food the allergy is affected.

Along with this, you can also use some supplements for hair growth.

Haircare and cleaning

Keeping a dog’s hair fall healthy, attractive, and healthy is essential. If you take care of their proper care and cleaning, if you have a long-haired dog breed, it may require more attention to its hair than other short-haired breeds.

Always wash hair thoroughly to keep hair clean, soft, and shiny. And brush regularly twice a day to keep the hair dry and tangle-free.

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