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Can Dogs Eat Chicken and rice? The answer is yes, but some exceptions should be avoided. It is healthy food for some diseases, but frying chicken in oil can cause problems for the dog, which we will mention in the article.

Chicken is an easily digestible protein source, it is lean, and most dogs love its taste. They are making it easy for pet owners to provide this food at home.

Cooked chicken and rice are safe for your dog to eat. However, rice and chicken alone is an entirely unbalanced diet lacking many things. Your pet is at risk of an increasing number of medical problems.

Can dogs eat chicken and rice daily?

Yes, but not in huge quantities.

Wash it and cook it in a sufficient amount of water before cooking. There is no problem, and there are undoubtedly healthy benefits associated with it.

Consider adding bone broth to your dog’s nutritional intake.

Boiled Chicken and Rice for Dogs

Can dogs eat chicken and rice boiled

Incorporating chicken and rice into your dog’s regular diet can be done in many ways. Rice can be cooked in rice steamed, boiled in water, or chicken broth. Boiled or dry-fried cooked chicken is safe and healthy for your dog to eat. Dogs should avoid canned chicken because it contains a lot of sodium (salt).

Is boiled chicken and rice good for dogs?


Adding fresh vegetables is ideal because they provide a lot of vitamins and minerals that are not found in meat. Vegetables can be eaten raw, steamed, or boiled. Healthy veggie options include:




green beans



You can feed dishes directly to your dog’s bowl or roll them into small, bite-sized rice balls. If you have a fussy foodie, you can add a little chicken broth to your dog’s food to give him a pungent smell.

How much dogs eat chicken and rice lb for a dog by weight

The amount of chicken and rice fed to a dog depends on its weight and age.

Let’s say you want to include rice in your dog’s daily diet. Large breed dogs should be fed more than one cup, or 46 grams, per day. If your dog is small, you can accommodate this by making sure to provide him with less.

If the vet has recommended a bland diet, the skin and bones in a sick dog’s food should be avoided.

And plain chicken should be used with rice white. Although it has less nutritional value than brown rice, it is effortless to digest and does not cause any digestive problems. The ideal ratio per portion is 2/3 rice and 1/3 chicken.

Dog by weight lb per day 

how much chicken and rice to feed a puppy

10 lbs cup

20 lbs 1½ cups

30 lbs 2¼ cups

40 lbs 3 cups

50 lbs 3¾ cups

60 lbs 4½ cups

70 lbs 5¼ cups

80 lbs 6 cups

Before making any changes to your four-leg friend’s diet, one should always check with your veterinarian.

How Do Make Chicken And Rice For Dogs?

Buy the best quality chicken you can to avoid toxins in your dog’s stomach. Choose boneless chicken breast; it’s more convenient because you don’t need to remove fat and bones.

how much rice and chicken to feed a dog

Choose chicken that is raised without hormones.

Buy short or long-grain white rice, avoid cooking too quickly as it has low nutritional value.

Prepare Chicken:

Cube the chicken into-inch cubes for small dogs and 1-inch cubes for medium and large breeds. Dogs that don’t have many teeth may need smaller pieces of chicken.

Place the chicken in a large stockpot.

Add enough water to cover the chicken thoroughly, and

let it boil, then reduce the heat

Cook until the meat is entirely white; cooking time will vary between 10-30 minutes depending on the size of the pieces.

After this, please take out the chicken from the water and let it cool completely.

Reserve the broth for later

You can quickly cool the chicken by spreading it on a baking sheet or by running cold water over the chicken.

The excess fat must be removed before the chicken broth is poured into the container.

Bring the chicken broth to a boil.

Wash the white rice thoroughly using plenty of water and mix well till the rice is cooked.

Keep stirring until the water runs clear.

For added flavor, prepare white rice cooked in chicken broth.

Measure out less for a smaller dog and 1 cup of white rice for a more giant dog.

Cook the rice in the chicken broth

After the chicken broth is boiling, add the white rice.

Return to a boil and then bring to a boil again

Cover the pot mouth and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. The rice will be slightly soft when fully cooked, but the water should be completely absorbed.

Allow cooked white rice to cool completely.

Add the cooked rice and chicken grind it with a fork. The ratio of rice to chicken should be 2:1 or 3:1. 

Ex: 2 to 3 cups of rice should be mixed with 1 cup of chicken.

When should feed chicken and rice to dogs?

When your dog is gas, vomiting, or has persistent diarrhea, or constipation, his system may be stressed. Always go to the vet when symptoms are severe or last for more than a day. In some cases, your pet vet may recommend a temporary change to a bland diet that is easier to digest and can help reduce your dog’s stress, get them the nutrients they need, and reset their digestive system. 

For dogs suffering from diarrhea, dogs eating chicken and rice can be soothing and what they need to help them make better stools. It’s also delicious, and most dogs will swallow it before they can blink, making it a “plastic” option for puppies who are not hungry.

Following the Chicken and Rice Diet

Always watch how your dog is feeling. While they’ll probably chew on chicken and rice like there’s no tomorrow, it’s what happens after a meal that tells you how they feel. Be sure to follow your vet’s instructions, and take your dog to the clinic if symptoms worsen or persist.

Most dogs live on a diet of chicken and rice for 2 to 3 days. Your pet vet will tell you how long to introduce your dog to a chicken and rice diet and when to resume your dog’s regular diet.

When you start adding it to your dog’s regular diet, be sure to mix it with chicken and rice in small amounts at first, gradually increasing the normal diet and decreasing the chicken and rice over several days.

How much chicken and rice should feed with diarrhea?

For dogs that have vomited only once or twice in at least 6 hours:

Offer small amounts of boiled white meat chicken without the rind, bones, and white rice. Feed it until your dog’s stool is back to normal and becomes firm.

Transition back to your dog’s regular dog food until the stool is back to normal and there is no more prolonged vomiting. Begin to slowly add kibble to the rice and chicken before obliterating it. Add food little by little until it reaches the total amount of food that your dog usually eats. If symptoms do not improve in your dog, you should consult with your vet so they can recommend a different treatment for your dog’s diarrhea.

What can dogs eat safely:

  • Alcohol
  • And sweet potatoes
  • Apple slices
  • Carrots
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Eggs
  • Flax
  • Green beans
  • Peanut butter
  • Pumpkins
  • They cannot eat toxic foods such as Yeast
  • They can eat grains, but they are better off with the meat.


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