7 Reasons Why Do Dogs Eat poop? and how to stop them

Dogs eat poop for many reasons. Some are normal, and some are signs of an underlying problem. Researchers have done many studies to understand the behavior of eating dog poop. And have discovered possible solutions to protect dogs from coprophagia.

The habit has a scientific name – coprophagia (Koop-rush-fee-jee-uh) – and some dogs even view dung as a delicacy for behavioral and physiological reasons. If you have a poop eater dog, don’t despair. There are ways to discourage the habit.

Why do dogs eat their poop?

It has been found that coprophagia appears in dogs due to sudden stress or any other provoking nature such as:


Suppose the dog goes through a brutal training regimen that involves severe scolding or/and punishment. In that case, it may attempt to eat its poop to avoid those punishments. Accidents happen, and a dog that is not yet ready to have a bowel movement outside, under the stress of severe punishment, may eat its poop to destroy evidence. Unfortunately, this habit becomes the cause of further scolding or punishment for them.


Various research shows that dogs kept in empty rooms or houses for long periods are more prone to coprophagia. Dogs living among people are less likely to do this.

To get the owner’s attention:

Dogs love us unconditionally. In some cases, dog owners began to notice coprophagia in their dogs when the owners were not spending much time with their dogs. This habit can also be linked to their need to get their owner’s attention and feedback.

Living in a crowd:

It has often been observed that dogs kept in small spaces like rescue shelters show more symptoms of coprophagia.


Dogs can confuse the smell of their poop and food if they are served unsuitable food nearby. This confusion can also increase their habit of eating poop.

Living with other sick dogs:

Researchers agree that dogs’ primary nature is to protect their flock from potential parasitic threats. In a situation where 2 or more dogs live together where one dog may have diarrhea due to aging or disease, the healthy dog ​​may eat the other dog’s poop to protect their flock by eliminating the poop.

Disease dogs eat poop. 

  1. parasitic infection
  2. major nutritional deficiencies
  3. fecal absorption disease
  4. Diseases affecting appetite like thyroid disorder, Cushing’s illness, diabetes, etc.
  5. Excessive use of steroids and other high-impact drugs

Can dogs get sick from eating poop?

The short answer is: probably. Although it’s still gross, it’s perhaps apparent if your dog is eating his poop. Suppose your dog is making food from the poop of another animal. In that case, especially if it is of a different species, it may cause concern.

Whenever your dog eats poop of unknown origin, they risk contracting infectious diseases or parasites. They also can ingest drugs or other irritating materials that pass through the systems of other animals.

How to stop dogs from eating poop

If the cause of a dog’s coprophagia is malnutrition, the following are some of the best ways to curb the habit in dogs.

Vitamin supplementation: Dogs eat poop

Vitamin B deficiency has long been associated with dog poop. Several studies have shown that adding more nutrients to a dog’s diet often helps with their coprophagia.

Enzyme Supplementation:

The development of dog house dogs has also brought about a drastic change in their diet. They are now given less meat-based nutrition and are offered chiefly carbs nowadays. When some researchers gave meat papain to dogs, the results were satisfactory.

Anti-odor products:

Just like humans, dogs hate certain smells. You can find out which smells your dog doesn’t like. And you can sprinkle that scent all over his stool. Gradually this hatred can stop his habit of eating poop.

Correct Training and Hygiene: Dogs eat poop

This is the very most accessible way to prevent your friend from eating his poop. To clean it as soon as he has a bowel movement. If you have other pets and you are afraid that one dog may eat the poop of others, you will need to do a little more cleaning.

how to stop dogs from eating poop home remedies

1. Give Food and Water

2. Give chewing medicine to the teeth

Prevent dogs from eating poop by using mouthwash:

Remember to use commercially available puppy mouthwash mixed with water or wipe down with a cloth. Do not use human mouthwash.

Brushing method

1. Get a pet’s suitable toothbrush. If you have one, use a puppy toothbrush as they are specifically designed for each side of your dog’s teeth. If you don’t have one, use a baby toothbrush.

2. Use dog toothpaste. Put dog toothpaste on the brush; always make sure you don’t use human toothpaste.

3. Access to Gums and Teeth Lift the puppy’s lip up and away from the teeth to expose the teeth and gums, including flapping the cheek.

5. Wipe off excess toothpaste with a damp cloth wrapped around your finger.

Precautions and Considerations

Human mouthwash is not suitable for pets and can be toxic. Don’t let your puppy get a finger too far inside your mouth.

Note: Use dog toothpaste, not human toothpaste, containing harmful ingredients. If your puppy is already used to brushing his teeth, it will be easier to use this method to clean his teeth if he gets into some mischief.

Conclusion Dogs eat poop.

A puppy with a dirty mouth is running around your house, licking your kids and your puppy’s mouth regardless, which is probably because it’s in the puppy stage.

However, remember that your dog’s saliva is a natural cleanser that will dissolve germs and flush them out of the mouth. Giving your puppy water, food, and chewing toys or dental chews that make a lot of salivae will go a long way toward spreading germs.

Remember, dogs eat poop, and your dog was designed with a self-cleaning system to handle it!

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