Suppose you are looking for a heartwarming adventure story about a lonely girl and her friend, the giant creature Clifford the Big Red Dog. Which is set against a satirical backdrop exploring environmentalism and the genetically modified food industry, so now you have two options.

Older viewers may cast Okja as genre-blasting Oscar-winner Bong Joon-ho. Now youngsters can also get in on the action with Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Clifford the Big Red Dog, schoolgirl Emily Elizabeth

When middle-school student Emily Elizabeth (Darby Camp) meets a magical animal rescuer (John Cleese), Joe gifts her a small, red puppy. So she never expected to wake up to find a giant ten-foot hound in her tiny New York City apartment.

While his single mom (Sienna Guillory) is out on business. Clifford’s movie will teach the world how to love adults based on the beloved educational book character! 

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Rating: PG (Thematic Elements|Mild Action|Impolite Humor)

Genre: Kids & Family, Comedy, Adventure

Original Language: English

Director: Walt Becker

Producer: Jordan Kerner, Iole Lucchese

Writer: Jay Scherick, David Ronn, Blaise Hemingway

Release Date (Theaters): Nov 10, 2021, Wide

Release Date (Streaming): Nov 10, 2021

Box Office (Gross USA): $48.9M

Runtime: 1h 37m

Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Sound Mix: Dolby Digital

CAST & CREW: Darby Camp, Emily, Jack Whitehall, Casey, Tony Hale, Tieran, Izaac Wang, Owen, John Cleese, Bridwell, Sienna Guillory, Maggie


What parents need to know

Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie is an animated TV show based on the classic children’s book series about a big red puppy and his beloved human friend Emily Elizabeth. In this adaptation, Emily (Darby Camp) is a lonely middle school student. Who is left in her immature Uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall)?

While his mother is out of town, Emily ends up with a cute little red puppy after attending an animal rescue program. Which soon develops into a giant dog. Emily and her 10-foot-long canine have embarked on a massive adventure. Collateral damage and petty action (including a brief brawl, a chase, use of a taser, a group of angry and protective neighbors).

Contains threats from a villain. Joe wants Clifford to fend for himself and occasionally hums the bathroom (Clifford’s enormous size makes his legs, urine, and feces even more significant). Derogatory language includes “freak,” “nobody,” and calling someone a “food stamp.”

The film deals with issues related to class and segregation; While most of the main characters are White, Emily’s neighbors are diverse. As you would expect in a town story, he has a good friend Asian.

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Clifford the Big Red Dog, ages 8+ Inappropriate for younger children, too much adult humor.

It’s incredibly unsuitable for a young child, which should have been the target audience: too mature concepts, poor role model. I couldn’t finish the movie after a drug joke with my daughter, and an older man almost put his hand down to rub his pants with hand sanitizer in public.

The building manager is asking for a bribe, with the young main character saying that he will need “decades of therapy” to go to school. I understand that children need to be introduced to stressful subjects, but if young children wanted to see this movie, I don’t think a mother would be asked what it means to “burn.”

Adult Too Much Potty Humor Age 12+

Choose to watch it only if you and your family are comfortable with an excessive amount of potty humor. If you choose to watch it, you’ll be ‘happy’ to see Clifford pee on a man. Many jokes about putting a rectal thermometer, people talk about ‘couch-sized dog buds.’

Clifford is embarrassed to lick his private parts in public, etc. The kids lift the other dog in the air so he can “smell Clifford’s butt”!

The film’s plot is pretty flat, especially if Clifford wasn’t an established brand. Most people want to watch this movie because they grew up watching TV shows or reading books when they were little. If you’re experiencing Clifford for the first time, I

Clifford the Big Red Dog, classification

“Clifford the Big Red Dog” movie (Paramount) – Catholic News Service classification, A-II – adults and teens. Motion Picture Association Rating, PG – Suggested parenting guidance. 

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