10 Things to Know Before Adopting a Siberian Husky Wolf Mix Dog

The Husky Wolf Mix, also known as the Wolfdog, is a hybrid mix of the Siberian Husky and one of several different wolf species. The mixed breed requires an extremely dedicated owner who has plenty of time to exercise their pet. They are made social and trainable to do a lot of work. The Husky … Read more

7 Things Why The Irish Wolfhound Dog is Gaining Popularity in The World

The defining characteristic of the Irish Wolfhound dog is its imposing height; It is the tallest breed of dog. One of the largest pup species, the Irish Wolfhound, can reach the size of a small horse. But a good wolf isn’t just a tall dog. It is a strong yet fast dog, capable of hitting … Read more

Top 10 Adorable Dog Breeds Like Wolves: Looking Wolf-like Dog !

Wolf-Like Dogs You Can Live With I think you clicked on this blog article because you want a dog that looks like a wolf. You are not interested in biology lessons about dog evolution and classification. But, it is important to note that dogs and wolves are closely related species, sharing a common ancestor. Dogs … Read more

Top 15 most Dangerous dogs in the world 2022

Do you think to find out about the most dangerous dogs in the world? Dogs are not only playful, friendly, loyal but can also be dangerous depending on the dog’s upbringing and temperament. Any breed of dog can pose a threat to human life. Dogs are descended from wolves and have been trained by humans … Read more