Dogs can and cannot eat.

We have detailed in this category on the human food that dogs can and cannot eat. Health is paramount to your dog or puppy. A pet dog doesn’t know good or bad food, but as a dog owner, you need to pay special attention to its food.

Useful fruits that dogs can eat

Acai Apple slices Bananas
Blackberries Blueberry Guava
Kiwi fruits Mango Nectarine
Oranges Papaya Pineapple
Raspberries Strawberry Watermelon

Useful vegetables that dogs can eat

A vegetable useful to humans does not necessarily mean that it is useful to your dog or not. We have explained this separately.

Broccoli Carrot Cauliflower
Cucumbers Edamame Green beans
Jicama Kale Peas
Potatoes Pumpkin Spinach
Squash Sweet potato Yams

Useful Grains food 

Bread Clover Corn
Popcorn Porridge
Rice Farro

Dairy products For Dogs

A kind of cheese butter Ghee
Gum and candy Ice cream Milk

Useful Meat & Offal food that dogs can eat

Bacon Cooked chicken, Fish
Halibut Pork Salmon
Shrimp Turkey Chicken

Harmful and toxic food that dogs cannot eat

Fatty food Grapes Onion and Garlic
Pecans Pretzels
Raw yeast dough Salty foods Tomatoes

Herbs & Spices for dogs

Basil Bell pepper Celery
Cilantro Cinnamon Fennel
Ginger Grass Peppermint
Rosemary Nutmeg Coconut

Nuts & Seeds For Dogs

Acorns Almonds Almonds
Avocado Cashew Dates
Dry fruits Macadamia nuts Peanut
Pistachios Raisins Walnuts

Human Food Can Eat and Can’t Eat For Dogs

Cake Cherry Chocolate
Coffee Eggs Honey
Liquor Mushrooms Pickles
Pizza Pizza crust Scallops
Sugarcane Tea leaf

Xylitol-rich foods and chewing gum

High-sodium foods – including bacon

Note:- Consult your veterinarian for any questions about what human food is safe and what is harmful.
It is always important to consult with your vet regarding your pet’s diet.

It’s good to know a list of bad food for dogs, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get your dog in trouble all the time. If you suspect that your dog has ingested harmful food or substance, contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) immediately.

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