10 Easy Ways To Get Free Puppies | Free Dog All Breed

Why would we deny you certainty when it comes to free puppies? The answer is very simple. Yes, it is a possible easy way to locate and bring home-free puppies that will cost you almost nothing in advance.  While visiting a friend last week, I met her adorable husky puppy, which she said she had … Read more

do dogs smile when they are happy If yes, why?

Do dogs smile? Whenever you see their little smile, you might wonder, can dogs smile? And if so, why do dogs still smile? It certainly makes you happy to see your pet with a wide grin, whether it’s a snack time or during a belly scratch, but you’re not sure if you imagine it or … Read more

Can dog poop be used as fertilizer in the garden?

It may be a very good idea to use dog poop as a fertilizer for your garden. Cow and pig manure is used, so what is the difference? However, it turns out that saving dog poop as fertilizer may not be the best move. Here’s information on how to fertilize your garden in the spring. … Read more

Monkeys killing dogs in India – Full Story & Latest Updates

Monkeys killing dogs, A strange incident has happened in India. Two monkeys have killed 250 dogs. According to ANI, the monkeys have avenged the killing of the newborn monkey. If you want to get detailed info about the killing of monkeys, keep reading this article until the end because we will discuss this incident. Country … Read more

How much does it cost to fly a dog with you? 5 Tips to know

The cost to fly a dog could potentially be anywhere from $150-200 or more. While this is not the policy of all airlines, some airlines have a specific policy that allows passengers to bring their dogs on board. There are also a lot of restrictions and requirements for the upbringing of travelers and their dogs. … Read more

Researchers train dogs to identify people with COVID-19

UK scientists believe that medical test dogs can help identify cases of COVID-19 in humans. Medical detection dogs are already being used to diagnose cancer, malaria, and Parkinson’s. Academics from the Universities of London and Durham explore whether dogs have expanded ability to detect COVID-19. Dogs are capable of smelling the tests of 750 people … Read more

How cops are training dogs to detect covid-19 Covid mission

In a training facility, dog trainers train dogs to detect covid-19 positive people. To introduce the dogs to smell samples of COVID-19 positive people took an average of six months. Trainer says a dog can now tell the difference between infected and uninfected – or rather, by gestures when they detect COVID-19 positive people. Sniffer … Read more

Serious Omicron variant, we need to wear better masks WHO

The Omicron variant has completely changed what we thought we knew about COVID-19. – Given how fast it develops in the body. Causes symptoms to emerge and infect others. – This means that the devices we tried to control are no longer as effective. The highly contagious version is now spreading at speed, unlike anything … Read more

Absolutely do not take these symptoms of Omicron variant lightly

Symptoms of Omicron Variant Precautions: The new variant of Corona Omicron (Corona Variant) has created panic worldwide. Covid cases are increasing rapidly in many countries. So far, claims of this new variant have been found in more than 20 countries. Many scientists are engaged in improving their understanding of this. But, it is facing many difficulties … Read more