5 ways to take care of a dog to make your dog’s life happy and healthy

Taking care of a dog is an essential step. Dogs have always been the first choice of humans as a pet because of their ability, ability, and loyalty. Each person chooses a dog according to their wish and need.

Some adopt the puppy as a companion, and some take care of the house. Some people like to have a dog to enhance the beauty of their home. The reason behind keeping a dog can be different, but it is very important to have the proper way of raising a dog.

The question in the mind of many people is how to take care of a German Shepherd? Or how to care for a Labrador? No matter the breed, raising all dogs is almost the same.

If a dog is not cared for and raised properly, that affects their health, behavior, and character. Now, who doesn’t know how to take care of a dog?

Keeping in mind some essential things related to dog care, this article has details. You will be able to take proper care of your dog.

How to Take Care of a Dog


It is one of the basic needs of a dog. Essential for a perfectly healthy and healthy body. That you give your dog a nutritious, balanced diet rich in minerals.

When selecting food for a dog, keep the size and age of the dog in mind and choose food accordingly.

Now how to confirm what good dog food is? And how to choose it?

  1. Suppose you have a newborn or small breed dog. So compared to adult dogs, they need more balanced amounts of calories, protein, phosphorus, and calcium food, which meet the specific needs of a growing puppy.
  2. Suppose you have a large-sized dog breed that is overweight or an older breed. For which you have to give balanced, digestible diet food. In which nutrients like more fiber, omega 3, fatty acids are present. (How to treat dog bites at home and medically)
  3. Vaccination care of a dog

Vaccination, that is, vaccination, is necessary for an adult dog from a small newborn puppy. The dog must get all the injections because the dog is prone to many deadly diseases and viruses.

Canine Parvo Virus, Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, Canine Adenovirus A combined vaccine is given to prevent all these diseases, commonly known as Six in One, Seven in One, Eight in One, Nine in One.

Apart from that, it is also mandatory to have the anti-rabies vaccine. It is very important to receive all these vaccines per the doctor’s schedule prescribed.

  1. deworming care of a dog

Perhaps very few dog lovers do not know about deworming. The process of killing the insects present in the pup’s stomach is called deworming. Deworming is important for keeping the dog wholly healthy and developing.

Why is deworming necessary?

When a dog is a newborn, it is at a young age, so its body’s immunity is not so developed. Deworming is very important to get rid of stomach worms.

There are a lot of benefits of deworming at the right time. The dog does not have any stomach-related problems. The body weight remains balanced and correct. The growth in health and height of the dog is ensured.

When should a dog get deworming?

For deworming to happen successfully, it must be done correctly. The first deworming of the dog is to be done in the second week of birth and the second in the fourth week.

Similarly, you have to do deworming every other week for four months. After that, you have to give anthelmintic medicine once a month till the sixth month. And after that, you have to do deworming every three months.

Dog physical care of a dog

For an attractive body, you must take special care of the cleanliness of the dog’s body. A dirty body and an unclean can make your puppy smelly and unhealthy. If you wonder how to clean your dog, let us know about it.

Like a man cleans the vital organs of his body, similarly, there are some central parts of the dog which need regular cleaning.

Ear care of a dog

Dogs’ ears are large and closed in shape, but they are not cleaned regularly. So dirt and dirt can accumulate in it, leading to problems like lice, fleas and ear infections, and deafness.

You can use a clean cloth and warm water. Apart from this, you can also use earbuds and liquid ear cleaning solutions specially made for dogs.

Dental for the care of a dog

Imagine what would happen if you didn’t brush your teeth for the rest of your life. Precisely the same situation is with the dog. When his teeth are not clean. According to the American Vet Medical Association (AVMA) survey, 80 percent of dogs have dental problems.

Many problems can be creat due to not cleaning their teeth. Such as pain in the teeth, bad breath, bleeding from the teeth, yellowing of the teeth, difficulty in chewing food, and if the problem is severe, then tooth decay or worms can also occur.

Brush the dog’s teeth at least three times a week to avoid dental problems. You have to brush your dog’s teeth the same way you brush your teeth.

Use the best soft brush to clean your teeth. And use only toothpaste used for dogs. Do not use toothpaste made for humans at all.

Hair, the care of a dog

It is probably not possible to imagine a beautiful look without healthy and clean hair. And for healthy and clean hair, you must take care of your dog’s hair.

Well, hair care is very important for all dogs. But if you have a long-haired dog breed, you need to take special care of them compared to other short-haired dog breeds because long-haired dogs are known only by their hair.

  1. Friends are essential to keep hair tangle-free. You should brush your dog’s hair at least twice a day. Regular brushing keeps their hair straight, and unnecessary things like garbage, scum, or ticks, i.e., lice, also come out.
  2. Use only a good shampoo to wash your hair. Due to this, their hair remains shiny and soft.
  3. Many dog ​​owners have the problem that their dog has a lot of hair fall. One reason for this could be their diet. It is wrong if you give them milk, sweet, salt, oil, chili, and spices.

These foods cause hair loss if your dog breed has long hair. Therefore, do not give all these things to your dog at all. And apart from this, provide readymade dog food to your dog. So be sure to confirm omega3 and omega 6 in it, as it helps hair growth and protection.

How to socialize care a dog?

Many people resort to dog pulse to enhance the house’s beauty and maintain their status in society. But even after some time, they are not noticed.

Nor is it taken care of properly. As a result, the pup is not well socialized. And they also lack confidence. Because of this, he gets scared when he comes in front of unknown people. Due to this, he cannot behave well with other people.

Method #1

Puppy time ranges from 30 days to 4 months. In this, it is social in a perfect and better way. 

First, you need to learn how to feed your dog well. Always provide the dog in his food bowl, do not leave him alone while eating. And never feed a dog with you.

Introduce the dog to all the family members and accustom him to live and play with him. Due to this, it will mix well with all the family members. And it would need love and affection from all the family members for a good personality.

Method #2

Often dogs get nervous or frightened at the sight of strangers and crowded places. The dog needs to adapt to the external environment and environment other than the home.

You should regularly tie your dog and walk it in a park or field so that he can see and understand the outside world. Those are the initial days it will break and run here and there, but it will gradually become normal after a few days.

  1. Training

Not training a puppy is like keeping your dog uneducated. Training in dog care is one of the basics of dog training.

With the help of training, you can make the dog fit to live in a civilized society. Because an untrained dog can annoy and embarrass you somewhere. You can get your dog training done online with the help of the internet or even from a professional trainer.

Conclusion-How to take care of a dog?

Being a good dog, it becomes your responsibility to take proper care of your dog. We have told you about some of the basics of having a dog properly through this article.

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