Can dogs eat fennel? Are Fennel Seeds Safe for Dogs?

Can dogs eat fennel? Yes! Fennel contains vitamin C, calcium, iron, and potassium. These vitamins and minerals support the health of your dog’s immune system, vision, bones, and more, as it is safe for your dogs to eat. Fennel also helps with bad breath, indigestion, and gassy puppies.

Many people are not sure what they should do thorough research on before giving food to their pets—how it will affect the animal’s body. Behind almost every meal is a potential threat, so you need to be prepared and informed.

Let’s see what fennel is:

Fennel is an aromatic herb with an odor similar to aniseed or licorice. Growing as an annual, it has a bulb-like stem and yellow flowers. Nowadays, it can be found worldwide, even though it originated from the Mediterranean Sea.

The plant spread thanks to its seeds because now you can find it practically everywhere in the world. Large numbers of fennel can be found in various parts of Asia and Australia, the United States, Canada, and northern Europe.

Other names for fennel

Bitter fennel, wild fennel, garden fennel, and sweet fennel. The name of fennel in Greek is a marathon.

However, the plant is very healthy; its popularity is shallow. It is low in calories, as it is also very nutritious. The taste is extraordinary- like aniseed, which is a lot to like but also hates. If you enjoy this fresh vegetable, you will most likely be willing to give it to your dog as well.

Our body responds well to all parts of the fennel, leaves, stalks, and tubers, but is it the same with dogs?

Can dogs eat fennel?

In short, the answer is definitely yes, as a fun fact is that to become more nutritious and healthy, there are a lot of dog foods on the market.

Fennel dog benefits

Fennel: A natural way to fight diarrhea and flatulence is the use of fennel. The vegetable acts as a carminative, which fights flatulence by expelling gas—the method preferred by many pet owners.

Is fennel good for dogs?

As mentioned earlier, herbal remedies are highly recommended, as fennel will bring minimal side effects, which is a great plus.

Fennel is one of the most suitable natural treatment methods to fight digestive issues effectively. If your dog is suffering from the following conditions, there are treatments you can try:

  • Mama
  • Parasites
  • Indigestion
  • Intestinal cramps

How to give fennel to your dog?

There are many ways to use the herb, as cold tea is one of the most recommended.

To prepare tea, you will need fresh or dried seeds. Because you only mix one teaspoon of them into eight ounces of boiling water. After that, you leave it till it cools down. Depending on the dog’s weight, you should use two to four teaspoons. The easiest way to get the dog into his system is to add those spoonfuls to his drinking water.

Precautions before giving fennel to a dog

Grocery store-bought fennel often contains pesticide residues, which can cause some severe problems to your dog. The best way to prevent unwanted results. Wash it off carefully with clean water.

  1. You should know that fennel should be given only in a certain quantity. Small portions are recommended to avoid diarrhea in your dog.
  2. You must be extremely careful when providing fennel to your dog for the first time, as you only feed it in small portions.
  3. Like every other plant, fennel gets its therapeutic properties from volatile oils, which are not recommended for pregnant or lactating animals.
  4. If your dog suffers from photosensitive dermatitis, you should also be on alert. The consequences of consuming fennel with this condition can be very unpleasant if you are not considerate enough.

Side use of fennel

  • Do not make your dog sad with this beautiful herb, as it is very nutritious and healthy. Which will have a beneficial effect on its system and senses.
  • Fennel is a great way to protect against fleas and other insects. It is commonly used in insecticide-free flea treatments.
  • If you want to keep fleas away from your home, fennel will fight them successfully, as the fleas will not reach areas where fennel grows or where fennel seeds are.

Are Fennel Seeds Safe for Dogs?

Direction and dosage

There are many possible ways to use fennel seeds in this gentle herb. One of the best ways is with iced tea.

Use one teaspoon of fresh or dried seeds in eight ounces of boiling water and let stand until cool. Use about two to four teaspoons for a dog’s body weight of 20 pounds. You can also mix it in drinking water.

Is it risky to let your pet eat fennel?

 No, as fennel contains many vitamins. Which can greatly benefit your dog’s system. Seeds are a great way to cure some of the health problems your dog may be having. Fennel is beneficial for the digestive system when there is a problem with indigestion, as it gives rest to it.

If you give fennel seeds to your dog regularly, you will eliminate this problem. As mentioned earlier, many companies that produce dog food add fennel because it has many antioxidant properties and has high nutritional value.

Can dogs eat fennel? final thoughts

Fennel is essential like other plants, which derive medicinal properties from volatile oils. This makes it somewhat tricky for lactating or pregnant animals, which means caution should be exercised in this regard.

There is also evidence suggesting that fennel is associated with photosensitivity dermatitis in some dogs and other animals. It is allergic contact dermatitis, which usually presents as a rash with swelling and possible irritation.

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