Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? Yes, because broccoli is perfect for the human body and the dog. You can’t deny the health benefits. But it may make dog owners wonder, can dogs safely eat broccoli?

We classify dogs as carnivores, but they are alternative carnivores. This means that meat should comprise most of their diet, but they also eat and digest plant proteins.

Plant protein comes from vegetables and fruits, but they can’t make up their entire diet to be healthy. That being said, they don’t need as many fruits or vegetables as humans need to thrive.

Is Broccoli Good for Dogs?

broccoli for dogs

Broccoli is rich in vitamins and nutrients, making it a great food choice for dogs and humans. The good thing that can be done for dogs is to promote their heart health, which is vital for them to live a long, active and happy life.

How to prepare broccoli for dogs

Now that you understand the benefits for dogs, it’s time to figure out how to prepare broccoli for dogs!

  1. Cooked or Raw?

Pups can eat both cooked and raw broccoli. The most popular way to serve broccoli to dogs is to steam the broccoli. You can even roast broccoli! Make sure you keep seasonings out, as all those extra spices can mess with your pup’s digestion.

  1. Choose Organic

Organic will reduce your pet’s exposure to pesticides, healthy for any dog.

  1. Always Wash Vegetables

Before you prepare your vegetables, it’s essential to wash them in the sink. You want to make sure you’re clearing off any germs leftover from the trip.

  1. Skip the seasoning!

It is essential to avoid seasonings when preparing vegetables for dogs. Dog stomachs are not used to the intense flavors found in herbs, and foreign substances can make dogs sick.

  1. Make Broccoli a Special Treat

It is a great way to feed your pup something healthy that they love, but they must be getting a balanced diet. Like humans, dogs need various nutrients and vitamins, and unfortunately, broccoli doesn’t meet all of their needs.

We recommend using as a treat or mixing it with the main meal. For example, Broccoli Raw Bistro’s frozen bison is one of the healthier ingredients in raw dog food.

Other potential benefits of feeding broccoli to your dog:

  1. Improves bone strength and density
  2. Helps fight diseases
  3. Boosts the immune system
  4. Inhibits oxidative stress
  5. Helps prevent cancer
  6. Reduces swelling
  7. Balance the microbiome
  8. Helps manage leaky gut
  9. Detoxes the liver
  10. Improve eye health
  11. Brain health
  12. Anxiety and depression
  13. Reduces the risk of zinc deficiency

But as mentioned earlier, you must feed your dog broccoli in moderation. Broccoli florets contain small amounts of isothiocyanates, which can cause indigestion.

Safe Parts of the Broccoli Plant for Dogs to Eat

Flowers and stalks of broccoli.

Both are safe to eat, either cooked in small pieces. However, broccoli florets contain small molecules called isothiocyanates, present in all cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, or kale. 

Broccoli stalks are very fibrous. And there may be a suffocation hazard if given in large pieces. It is best to serve them cut steamed or roasted to avoid this problem.

Can a dog eat cooked broccoli?

Yes, cooking is safe for your dog. Suppose you cut cooked broccoli into small pieces before feeding it. In that case, it is less likely to cause choking or an intestinal blockage. This is the best way to add it to your dog’s food bowl in addition to your regular dog food.

You’ll want to make sure your pup’s portion is without added fat — like the processed cheese often added to a family dish — or any additional seasonings or ingredients. These add extra calories and fat that your dog doesn’t need and can lead to an upset stomach.

What about frozen broccoli?

Frozen broccoli is fine too, but chop it up before feeding it to your dog. When feeding it to your dog, avoid any added ingredients, oils, or seasonings as with any fruit or vegetable.

How much broccoli can a dog ​​have?

Here are some nutritional details you can expect from broccoli (per 100 grams):

Energy: 24 kcal

Protein: 2.35g

Total Fat: 0g

Carbohydrates (by difference): 4.71g

Fiber: 3.5g

Sugars: 1.18g

Calcium: 59mg

Iron: .82mg

Potassium: 212mg

Sodium: 24 mg

Vitamin C: 56.5 mg

Broccoli for puppy

The nutritional needs of pups are different from those of mature dogs. They require a specific developmental diet for their growing body. For this reason, it is best to stop giving broccoli as a treatment until their bodies are more mature. It is also easy to feed a small puppy too much broccoli.

Can dogs ​​eat broccoli stems?

Some dog owners will give their puppies broccoli stems as chew toys when they think it is a healthier option, but it is not. The fiber amount content may be too hard for your dog to digest. Puppies can also swallow large stem pieces and potentially cause an intestinal blockage.

Health benefits of broccoli for dogs

Broccoli is rich in vitamins and minerals, low in calories, and rich in fiber which helps keep their digestive system healthy. Dogs can safely eat all types of broccoli. If you want to give your pup a piece of broccoli, do so before adding any seasonings or additional ingredients such as onions or oil that may upset their stomach.

Broccoli is loaded with several essential vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. These nutrients work wonders on heart health, bone density, and the immune system of dogs.

So while broccoli certainly has some positive health benefits, there are also some precautions to consider when feeding broccoli to your dog. Let’s take a closer look at its plant to see why.

What are some feeding tips for broccoli vegetables?

There are many resources available online for healthy, dog-friendly broccoli recipes, but here are some ways to quickly and efficiently serve it to your dog for an extra nutritional boost.

Raw: Cut into small pieces and feed as a treat or add to your dog’s regular dog food. This should be only 10% of the caloric intake to remain at a safe level. The floret is the most nutritious part of the plant; watch the portions to avoid excessive isothiocyanate.

Cooked: Whether it’s frozen or fresh broccoli, steaming, boiling, or roasting is acceptable for your dog as long as you avoid oils, seasonings, and other ingredients that can be harmful to your dog. Such as onions or processed cheese).

Smoothie: Puree broccoli with dog-friendly fresh fruit such as blueberries, strawberries, bananas, or watermelon. Some vegetables include green beans, cauliflower, carrots, or cooked sweet potatoes. When a dog needs a nutritional boost on scorching summer days, you can add fresh fruit juice (without added sugar) or yogurt. You can even try freezing the mixture in an ice-cube tray for an occasional treat!

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? Final thoughts?

Remember: Always consult your vet.

Broccoli is safe for dogs and good for them too! But like humans, every dog ​​has a slightly different taste, digestion, and health. It’s never a nasty idea to check with your vet before making significant changes to your dog’s diet.

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