How to train a dog to sit, poop & stop barking

If you wonder how to train a dog with a specific behavior, one of the most effective ways is to give them treats, praise, or affection. Most importantly, the best reward to offer is what they want most. If they are motivated by food, the treats may work better than praise. Whether you’ve brought in … Read more

Anal Sac Disease in Dogs Symptoms and Treatments

“Anal sac disease is prevalent in dogs.” The abscess will appear as red, painful, hot swelling on one or both sides of the anus. If the abscess bursts, it will release a greenish-yellow or bloody amount of pus. If left untreated, the infection can spread rapidly and cause severe damage to the anus and rectum. … Read more

French Bulldogs dogs breed info, pictures, price & fact

The French Bulldogs is a French breed of a toy dog ​​or companion dog. First seen in the mid-nineteenth century, it resulted from cross-breeding of toy bulldogs with ratters purchased from England and local Paris. This dog with bat ears is beautiful. This glamorous-looking French Bulldogs dog is quite popular in America and other countries. … Read more

Shiba Inu dogs breed info, pictures, price & fact

Shiba Inu is a hunting breed native to Japan. It is a small to medium breed dog, which is agile and alert. The Shiba Inu was initially made for hunting. It quickly hunts small birds like wild boars. Japan is the smallest dog among the country’s six breeds (Akita, Kai, Shikoku, Keisha, Hokkaido, and Shiba). … Read more